The Brands Giving Craftsmanship an All New Meaning

Looking beyond quality to longevity – the brands giving craftsmanship an all new meaning

What if every ground-breaking innovation was more than a cause for celebration, and instead merely a challenge to create something even better? These are four brands excelling at their craft and perfecting every detail to create products built to last.

In a world of convenience and instant gratification, we have become used to filling our homes with poorly made items only for them to fall apart not long after. However, more and more, we are seeing consumers looking to invest in appliances and products that are more sustainable and stand the test of time, because expert craftsmanship never goes out of style.

For more than 120 years, Miele has prided ourselves on constant innovation, perfecting every detail and achieving ultimate reliability and longevity in our appliances. We even make the machines that make the machines, so you could say that we know superior quality when we see it.

Sharing our love of quality craftsmanship, we are excited to share four brands and Miele programme partners that are applying the same level of expert craftsmanship and creating timeless pieces for our homes, providing the perfect luxury escape and antidote to products that don’t stand up to the wear and tear of our modern lives.

Robert Gordon Australia – taking pride in the process

As the story goes, forty years ago, Robert ‘Andy’ Gordon followed in his parent’s footsteps by walking into a ten by eight foot tin shed, picking up a lump of clay and turning his potter’s wheel. It doesn’t get more humbly Australian than that.

As one of Australia’s last large scale potteries, Robert Gordon Australia has been manufacturing high-fired stoneware for decades, with each piece passing through the hands of skilled crafts people, some of whom have been with the company for over 25 years.

From the stunning saltbush side plates to the glorious hand painted wattle teapot,

Gordon’s principles of timeless design, along with his emphasis on quality, ensures that your purchase will last a lifetime. Now that’s what we call: ‘Immer Besser – Forever Better’.

The Riedel family now has 11th generation Maximilian at the helm – continuing to lead the charge on modern, functional glassware. With their iconic “grape varietal specific” glassware and decanter designs that are both theatrical and purposeful, Riedel leads the way in craftsmanship and longevity.

So, if you’re missing your favourite wineries and dinner out with friends – perhaps it’s time to enjoy a drop from the comfort and safety of home in the magic of a Riedel glass.

Riedel – cheers to quality

When Miele celebrated 120 years of innovation back in 2019, our team reflected with pride on some of our most memorable moments since 1899. Yet with more than 260 years of experience in the bespoke art of glassmaking, Riedel takes longevity to a whole new level, representing the highest level in engineering and craftsmanship.

Sheridan – for the dreamers

An icon of distinctly Australian style, Sheridan has been creating premium quality home and lifestyle products for over 50 years. Devoted to quality, craftsmanship and artistry, every piece has been expertly crafted to the highest quality standards by their in-house team of artists, master weavers and designers since 1967.

Sheridan Founder, entrepreneur and textile aficionado, Claudio Alcorso, had a vision to “introduce creative thought and beauty into the everyday things of life.” As we do, Claudio believed in the importance of quality and craftsmanship and insisted on producing textiles using the finest materials, combined with the highest testing standards.

With meticulous attention to detail, superior technology and time-honoured techniques, Sheridan is fit for the dreamers and lovers of luxury. Their latest ‘Outside In’ collection is designed for the beautiful tomorrow. From the supersoft luxury towel to the deluxe bedroom quilt, all of those hours spent at home aren’t looking so bad.

GLOBAL Knives – a cut above the rest

While they may be our newest partner, the GLOBAL Knives story started over a thousand years ago. Japanese swordsmiths developed the high art of sword making to provide strong, sharp blades for the Samurai, the feared warrior caste. Today, in the Samurai sword tradition, Japanese craftsmen are continuing to produce cutlery of the highest quality.

Designed by the creative visionary Komin Yamada and produced in Japan for over 35 years, GLOBAL manufactures the highest quality kitchen knives with modern designs, appealing to the professional and amateur chef alike.

A true testament to quality and expert craftsmanship, with a GLOBAL knife in your hand and a Miele oven in your kitchen, it’s never been easier to prepare some healthy Asian greens, a steak poivre or even slice a freshly baked seeded loaf of bread. Delicious!

The ability to forge your own path entirely sets the good apart from the great, and these four brands are truly great. Proudly Miele programme partners, these brands are testament to the fact that expert craftsmanship and quality never go out of style.

To learn more about Miele’s programme partners visit the Miele For Life website, or enjoy this exciting feature on our newest partner – GLOBAL Knives here.

The Brands Giving Craftsmanship an All New Meaning
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The Brands Giving Craftsmanship an All New Meaning
Discover the true meaning of craftsmanship and explore how Miele partners ensure their products will stand the test of time.

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