The ultimate kitchen experience

For a beautifully curated kitchen design, Miele built-in appliances offer breathtaking sophistication. Crafted sustainably and designed to add a touch of luxury to your everyday, the Miele range offers all the conveniences needed for a contemporary lifestyle. We also offer complimentary kitchen demonstrations at our experience centres located across Australia so you can discover the best appliances for your home.


Create nourishing meals for your loved ones with our our stunning range of ovens that offer exceptional cooking results. Whether you are a passionate home chef looking to unleash your culinary creativity or someone looking for a reliable appliance that will stand the test of time, our wide variety of ovens ensures we have the perfect fit for you.

Be inspired by intuitive technology

Developed by us to inspire you: the Generation 7000 range from Miele features fascinating, never-seen-before technology and still guarantees the same perfect results you would expect from a Miele appliance. Intuitive controls and customised usage options help you to concentrate on what’s important when cooking: your creativity.


Stops the cooking process for perfect results: the oven compartment can be cooled down completely after the cooking process so dishes don’t carry on cooking in the oven. Or the oven can keep the food at serving temperature by opening and closing the motorised door. This ensures that your dishes are cooked to the perfect degree and no further – even if you aren’t there to take them out of the oven straight away.

Moisture Plus

The effortless way to perfect results: adding moisture leaves meat tender and juicy on the inside and crisp on the outside; and when baking bread it helps achieve the fluffiness and browning that everyone loves. For extra convenience, you can programme times for the bursts of steam. Moisture Plus is also used in various Automatic programmes.

Automatic programmes

Successful cooking, every time: with the electronically controlled programmes, you can cook a multitude of different dishes automatically. Whether you are baking a cake or cooking poultry – there is no need to select the operating mode or the temperature or cooking duration. The degree of cooking – for meat, for example – can be set individually.


Experience the elegance of induction with results tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you require powerful performance, the ability to position your cookware anywhere on the surface, intuitive touch controls or seamless integration with a unique TwoInOne concept, Miele’s diverse assortment of induction cooktops means there is style perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Experience more freedom than ever before

Designed to ensure that nothing stands in the way of creativity in the kitchen with the award-winning induction cooktop. Read below three features of intuitive technology which the induction cooktop allows for never-before-seen freedom when it comes to cooking.


Enjoy the ultimate in freedom: you can use the entire surface of your cooktop without predefined cooking zones for maximum flexibility. You can position your cookware wherever you want to suit any situation. Up to six induction-compatible pots, pans and roasting dishes can be placed wherever you like. Our cooktops with full-surface induction are available in various appliance widths.


TempControl guarantees consistently perfect cooking results when frying and stir-frying. You don’t need to worry about making adjustments because the temperatures are kept at a constant level. As well as providing added convenience, this also offers an extra level of safety because there is no risk of food burning.

Safety functions

Best protection in every situation: the system lock provides reliable protection against accidental or unauthorised switching on. If a cooking zone has been operating at the same power level for an unusually long time or there is no pan on the cooktop, it will switch off automatically. The residual heat indicator is another useful feature: it reminds you not to touch the cooking zones when they are still hot.

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Sustainable luxury build

With sustainability, quality, durability and technology key to this innovative space, founding director of Futureflip, Neil Hipwell opens up about why he chose Miele appliances for his luxury build in Waverly, NSW.

Photo credit: Lucas Muro Photographer


Cook in tranquillity thanks to whisper quiet operation of the rangehood. Powerful performance is regulated automatically with Miele’s exclusive connectivity – automatic communication between the cooktop and the rangehood, allowing you to focus solely on the art of cooking. Plus, clean up couldn’t be simpler thanks to a powder-coated surface behind the filters and dishwasher-safe rangehood filters.


Equipped with a host of revolutionary and Miele-exclusive technologies, the enhanced connectivity and intelligent features of our dishwasher range will ensure you have consistently outstanding washing and drying results. Rest assured that our range has been developed with efficiency in mind to keep your consumption to an absolute minimum.

Coffee Machines

Transform your daily brew into a memorable ritual and indulge friends and family with a café experience from the comfort of your home with Miele’s state of the art coffee machines. Whether your kitchen design allows for benchtop or built-in, Miele has you covered.


Our sleek and stylish refrigeration appliances offer flexible storage solutions for your produce. By creating the ideal micro-climate, taste and nutrition are preserved, and the shelf-life of the food is maximized. Incredibly, this technology means that produce stays fresher for up to five times longer!

Wine fridges

Ideal for storing the most sophisticated vintages, a Miele wine conditioner offers you the optimum climate so you can enjoy the rich flavours of wine at home. Store different types of wine under ideal conditions with Miele’s innovative technology.

Why you should choose Miele ovens

All Miele ovens are hand-built in our factories located in Germany, we have been perfecting with the upmost care to deliver unrivalled quality for over 120 years. Our ovens are engineered to deliver the best accuracy for always perfect results. Miele ovens include intuitive controls and customised usage options to help you concentrate on what’s important when cooking, your creativity. We have four design lines, VitroLine, ArtLine, PureLine and ContourLine design which creates a strikingly clear design with no distracting features. Your dream kitchen is within reach with Miele’s Everyday Kitchen Package Offer. Enjoy Savings of up to 10% on Miele kitchen appliance packages in-store and online, every day. Promotion effective 1 January 2021. Terms and Conditions apply.

Miele unrivalled quality

For more than 120 years it has been a proven adage that you can trust Miele and rely on our appliances. We are the only manufacturer in our branch of industry to test products such as our washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and ovens tested to the equivalent up to 20 years* use.

*Miele’s 20 year use information here

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