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Enjoy the convenience and reliable supply of detergent for your dishwasher and washing machine with our subscription service.When you subscribe, sit back and relax knowing you’ve secured the best price for your PowerDisk, UltraTabs, UltraPhase or UltraColor subscription products.

It’s easy to set up, you can have it delivered at intervals that suit you, plus you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

The benefits of our subscription program


Set up your subscription in minutes


Never run out of detergent again


Modify or cancel your subscription anytime

Miele UltraPhase product lineup

Ultraphase for TwinDos Washers

UltraPhase 1 and 2 Half-year supply of Miele AutoDosing detergents

  • For all Miele W1 washing machines with TwinDos
  • 6 months supply (based on 5 x TwinDos wash loads per week, with a standard load size 4.5kg)
  • For bright colours and brilliantly white laundry
  • Extremely efficient and effective – for over 100 wash cycles
  • No overdosing thanks to automatic dispensing

PowerDisk for Dishwashers

Product includes six PowerDisks with a half-year supply

  • All in One dishwasher detergent for superior cleaning in dishwashers with AutoDos
  • 6 months supply (based on 1 PowerDisk per month)
  • Shining results – even with stubborn soiling
  • Active oxygen for thorough cleaning
  • Automatic dispensing or approx. 1 month (20 cycles)
  • PowerDisk beaker made of 100 % recycled plastic

UltraColor liquid detergent for Washers

Product includes 6x 1.5 l bottles, a 7 month supply

  • Ultimate cleanliness and excellent spot removal
  • ColorProtect for long-lasting colour intensity
  • Bottles made from 100% recycled plastic
  • 6 pack equates to 7 month supply based on 5 UltraColor wash-cycles per week.

UltraTabs for Dishwashers

Product includes 180 tabs with a 8 month supply

  • QuickPowerWash function enables tablets to dissolve in only a few minutes
  • Impeccable cleaning results
  • Special protection against stains on silverware and stainless steel
  • Machine-maintenance additive to prevent greasy deposits
  • 180 pack equates to 8 months supply based on 5 wash-cycles a week.

How Care to You works


To start your subscription service plan, create your account at the Miele online store including your delivery address and how you want to pay.

Set up

Choose PowerDisk 6-pack and how often you would like it delivered. Then submit your first order and payent. Future orders will happen automatically.

Sit back

Your items will be sent out according to your frequency choice. You will receive a reminder email at least five days before we ship your order. You can make any changes or cancel your subscription plan by logging into your account.

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