Miele Dishwashers

Manually dosing detergent is a thing of the past. Now you can unleash complete freedom with the world’s first intelligent and autonomous dishwasher with integrated PowerDisk from Miele. Discover more about how Miele’s innovative dishwashers provide conveniences you can’t live without.

Why you should choose Miele dishwashers

Miele’s dishwasher range has been designed to perfectly integrate into the modern household. Stay in control of your energy usage with optimised wash programmes, adaptive load technology, and accurate consumption data. Experience an easier way to do things with automatic detergent dispensing, self-opening, and remote operating. Handle everything life throws your way with adaptable basket designs, the original cutlery tray, and silicone padded glass holders. It’s time to let Miele get busy with the dishes so you can get busy living.

Perfect design harmony in your kitchen

Miele offers different types of dishwashers for optimum convenience and perfect design harmony.

Freestanding Dishwashers

Freestanding dishwashers with a hard- wearing covering panel which can be used as a worktop. As these appliances are not built in, they can simply move house with their owners and be installed in the new kitchen.

Built-under dishwashers

Ideal as a replacement appliance in an existing kitchen. The appliance can be installed in a run of kitchen units. Built-under dishwashers are available in Brilliant white or CleanSteel.

Integrated dishwashers

Appliance front can be matched to the cabinetry of your built-in kitchen – for a completely seamless kitchen design. Alternatively, front panels in stainless-steel with CleanSteel finish are also an option.

Convenient dosing with AutoDos and PowerDisk®

The Miele G 7000 series is able to do things ordinary dishwashers can’t. The innovative AutoDos* system with integrated PowerDisk®* always dispenses the optimal amount of detergent. Each PowerDisk* will give you approximately 20 cleaning cycles, which is about 1 month worth of washes (based on average usage).

*Applies to G 7000 models.

Starts automatically with AutoStart

Starts automatically at preset times. With AutoStart and the Miele@mobile app, you can set G 7000 dishwashers to automatically start at one or several pre-determined times. Thanks to AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk® there is always detergent available to enable the appliance to get to work completely autonomously. Starting it manually is no longer required.

Miele innovation you can’t live without


AutoOpen Drying

Achieve incredible drying results thanks to Miele’s AutoOpen drying function on select models. At the end of the cycle, the door opens up to allow excess moisture to escape the cabinet. Warm air is vented over the top of the door prior to opening to avoid any condensation build-up on the underside of the bench.


The QuickPowerWash programme on all Miele dishwashers achieves a full capacity load of normally soiled dishes in 58 minutes. With a main wash temperature of 65°C, it cuts through stubborn soiling and ensures an amazing streak-free finish.

Perfect GlassCare

No longer is it necessary to handwash your delicate stemware. Leading glassware manufacturer, Riedel exclusively recommends Miele dishwashers to gently care for their glasses. This is all thanks to the fact we formulate our own detergent, offer secure positioning of glassware as well as a dedicated programme. Plus, glasses are streak free and perfectly dry thanks to our AutoOpen drying function.

Dishwashing solutions for everyone

As not all off-the shelf dishwashing detergents are created equal, you can rest assured that Miele dishwashing detergents have been formulated to provide perfect results every time.

Innovative basket design and 3D MultiFlex Tray

Our dishwasher baskets offer incredible flexibility for loading and cleaning all kinds of crockery and cutlery. Enjoy easy adjustment and flexible loading for the best cleaning results. Thanks to the 3D MultiFlex Tray* adjustment options, you can create space in the dishwasher even for small items. Every item of cutlery is separated, food deposits are completely removed and the cutlery is dried perfectly. Smaller items of crockery such as espresso cups can also be properly accommodated.

*Applies to G 7000 models.

star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full
Amazing dishwasher!! Plenty of room to fit everything if you have a big load. Love the cutlery tray at the top as it frees up space due to not needing a basket! I love it!
- G 7104 SC CLST Freestanding Dishwasher. Customer Review, Michelle, Perth

Efficient EcoPower Technology

This technology ensures efficient use of resources thanks to the cleverly designed water supply. With up to a a 4.5 star energy rating and 6.0 star WELS rating, they are amongst the most efficient dishwashers on the market. Miele’s EcoFeedback function allows you to check the expected energy and water consumption for each programme you run. At the end of the programme, you will be shown the exact usage in both kW and litres. You can even receive this information direct to your phone by pairing your dishwasher with the Miele app!

Need help finding the right dishwasher?

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