Remains of the day cocktail
5 minutes, plus infusing time
Preparation Time
6 serves


1 slice beetroot
250 ml (1 cup) sake
125 ml (½ cup) Green Ant Gin
125 ml (½ cup) simple syrup or
Jasmine green tea syrup
500 ml (2 cups) lemonade
500 ml (2 cups) soda water

To serve

Dehydrated or fresh citrus slices


1. Place the beetroot slice and sake into a container, cover and leave to infuse overnight. Remove the beetroot slice before using.
2. Place ice cubes into a large serving jug, add the beetroot infused sake, gin and simple syrup or Jasmine tea syrup.
3. Add the lemonade and soda water to the jug.

To serve

1. Pour into 6 glasses and garnish with dehydrated or fresh citrus slices.

Sustainability tips to make your ingredients go further

• A slice of beetroot from the ‘Beetroot and crispy curds on barley cracker’ can be used to infuse the gin.
• Reserved Jasmine green tea syrup from the ‘Blueberry mousse with jasmine jelly and shortbread sherbet crumb’ can be used instead of the simple syrup.
• Leftover citrus from the ‘Beetroot and crispy curds on barley cracker’, ‘Beef carpaccio with burnt spring onion and kimizu’ or ‘Toasted barley salad with sweetcorn and prunes’ can be used to garnish this cocktail.

Hints and tips

• Dehydrated citrus slices can be made in Miele warming drawers or ovens at 70°C for 8 hours.


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