Miele Ovens

Create nourishing meals for your loved ones with our our stunning range of Miele ovens that offer exceptional cooking results. Whether you are a passionate home chef looking to unleash your culinary creativity or someone looking for a reliable appliance that will stand the test of time, our wide variety of Miele ovens ensures we have the perfect fit for you.

Modern kitchen with Miele appliances

Be inspired by intuitive technology

Developed by us to inspire you: the Generation 7000 range from Miele features fascinating, never-seen-before technology and still guarantees the same perfect results you would expect from a Miele appliance. Intuitive controls and customised usage options help you to concentrate on what’s important when cooking: your creativity.

Miele Taste control feature


Stops the cooking process for perfect results: the Miele oven compartment can be cooled down completely after the cooking process so dishes don’t carry on cooking in the oven. Or the oven can keep the food at serving temperature by opening and closing the motorised door. This ensures that your dishes are cooked to the perfect degree and no further – even if you aren’t there to take them out of the oven straight away.

Miele Moisture Plus found in Miele Steam Ovens

Moisture Plus

The effortless way to perfect results with a Miele Steam Oven: adding moisture leaves meat tender and juicy on the inside and crisp on the outside; and when baking bread it helps achieve the fluffiness and browning that everyone loves. For extra convenience, you can programme times for the bursts of steam. Moisture Plus is also used in various Automatic programmes.

Automatic programmes

Successful cooking, every time: with the electronically controlled programmes, you can cook a multitude of different dishes automatically. Whether you are baking a cake or cooking poultry in our Miele steam ovens – there is no need to select the operating mode or the temperature or cooking duration. The degree of cooking – for meat, for example – can be set individually.

“This is the best oven I’ve used, it’s easy, reliably the correct temperature and heats up to temp very fast. It’s renewed my love of baking”

Christine, VIC. Miele H 2267-1 Pureline Pyrolytic Cleansteel Oven, via Online Shop.

“Easy to clean, just wipe out. The side racks just click out. Oven controls brilliant, easy to use and well explained in the instructions. Love love it!”

Linda Jane. H 2860 BP PureLine Pyrolytic CleanSteel Oven, via Online Shop

Miele Induction Cooktops

Experience the elegance of Miele induction with results tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you require powerful performance, the ability to position your cookware anywhere on the induction cooktop surface, intuitive touch controls or seamless integration with a unique TwoInOne concept, Miele’s diverse assortment of induction cooktops means there is style perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Miele ambassador Chef Michael Meredith preparing Cloudy Bay Clams

Experience more freedom than ever before

Designed to ensure that nothing stands in the way of creativity in the kitchen with the award-winning induction cooktop. Read below three features of intuitive technology which the induction cooktop allows for never-before-seen freedom when it comes to cooking.

Miele induction cooktop in a modern kitchen


Enjoy the ultimate in freedom: you can use the entire surface of your cooktop without predefined cooking zones for maximum flexibility. You can position your cookware wherever you want to suit any situation. Up to six induction-compatible pots, pans and roasting dishes can be placed wherever you like. Our cooktops with full-surface induction are available in various appliance widths.

Miele induction cooktop with Temp Control feature


TempControl guarantees consistently perfect cooking results when frying and stir-frying. You don’t need to worry about making adjustments because the temperatures are kept at a constant level. As well as providing added convenience, this also offers an extra level of safety because there is no risk of food burning.

Steam being eliminated by the Miele induction cooktop


Miele's induction range with Con@ctivity allow the extractor to communicate directly with the cooktop, automatically adjusting the fan speed based off the power levels selected, allowing you to focus on the art of flavour.

“Changing from a gas cooktop to induction following installation of solar power we were sure we’d miss the speed and flexibility of gas. The Miele has in fact outperformed the gas and is much cleaner and kinder to our pots and pans.”

Arthur, NSW. KM 7679 FL Induction cooktop, via Online Shop.

“Installed recently in new home & loving the induction. The Boost heat up function excellent & find the control and evenness of cooking is brilliant. Compact but ample room for even a very large pot plus 2 others. Used to have gas but would never go back!”

Customer review. KM 7200 FR Induction Cooktop, via Online Shop.

Why Miele cares about sustainability

We all have a responsibility to do everything we can to ensure a brighter, more sustainable future - from the largest multinational to the smallest family home. 'Immer Besser' defines Miele's commitment to always do better in everything we do. It keeps motivating us to make better, smarter appliances so the homes and businesses they serve become more sustainable, from one generation to the next.
Corn on the cob and asparagus being grilled on a Miele cooktop

Discover Miele's range of cooking accessories

Preparing memorable meals to share with your loved ones is easy with the complementary accessories supplied with Miele’s range of ovens, steam ovens and combi appliances. To help you maximise the functionality of your appliance, Miele also offer a diverse range of special accessories designed to elevate your cooking results to a whole new level.

Sustainable luxury build

With sustainability, quality, durability and technology key to this innovative space, founding director of Futureflip, Neil Hipwell opens up about why he chose Miele appliances for his luxury build in Waverly, NSW. Photo credit: Lucas Muro Photographer

Miele Rangehoods

Cook in tranquillity thanks to whisper quiet operation of the rangehood. Powerful performance is regulated automatically with Miele’s exclusive connectivity – automatic communication between the cooktop and the rangehood, allowing you to focus solely on the art of cooking. Plus, clean up couldn’t be simpler thanks to a powder-coated surface behind the filters and dishwasher-safe rangehood filters.

Miele rangehood, induction cooktop and oven in a sleek and modern kitchen


At Miele we have crafted our products, so that you can bring your mealtimes to life.
Explore an array of incredible recipes created by acclaimed chefs such as Matt Stone, Michael Meredith, Donna Hay, and many more.

View all recipes

Miele Dishwashers

Equipped with a host of revolutionary and Miele-exclusive technologies, the enhanced connectivity and intelligent features of our dishwasher range will ensure you have consistently outstanding washing and drying results. Rest assured that our range has been developed with efficiency in mind to keep your consumption to an absolute minimum.

Subscribe and Save with Miele Care to you

Enjoy the convenience of our six month supply of auto dosing detergent for your Miele AutoDos dishwasher with our subscription service. When you subscribe to a six month supply of Miele PowerDisk you save 20%* off RRP price. It’s easy to set up, you can have it delivered at intervals that suit you, plus you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime. *T&Cs apply

Elevate Your Kitchen with Miele Specialty Appliances

Miele: Performance, Precision, Perfection for Your Kitchen

Design your dream kitchen with innovative Miele appliances. Discover a world-class selection of ovens, including steam ovens, promising exceptional results and intuitive features. Unleash your inner chef on Miele induction cooktops, featuring FullSurface for flexible cookware placement and TempControl for precise temperature mastery. Miele dishwashers guarantee sparkling clean dishes while keeping energy consumption low. Explore the complete Miele kitchen suite, encompassing ventilation solutions and specialty appliances like coffee machines and warming drawers, to design your perfect culinary haven.

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