Which oven is right for you?

With so much choice available, let us help you decide which Miele oven will be the perfect fit for your needs. Here are our top three considerations which will help streamline the selection process.


A true workhorse in any kitchen, there is so much to consider when selecting the right oven for your home. At Miele, we offer beautifully crafted ovens that deliver the ultimate in cooking results in 60cm and 90cm niche sizes and in a variety of colourways.


Discover the world of Miele with our ovens. High-performing with precise temperature control and offering all the essential functionalities such as pyrolytic cleaning, automatic programmes and telescopic runners in a fresh, modern design.


For true mastery within the kitchen, our Generation 7000 series ovens have an array of special features designed for those who simply love cooking. Elevate baking and roasting dishes with gentle bursts of moisture or create the perfectly crunchy golden roast potatoes with the crisp feature.

AirFry technology

No longer is it necessary to invest in small appliances that take up precious bench space within your kitchen. Enter Miele’s new H 2000 series oven with AirFry technology*. Combining Fan Plus with Top Heat to create the most satisfying crunch on your roast potatoes, chicken, lamb chops and so much more! It’s also possible to prepare larger quantities of food than in a standard benchtop appliance given the oven’s generous capacity.

*Available on select models only.

Smart Home: MieleApp

Discover smart innovation that will level-up convenience within your home. Start your washing machine remotely, control your oven with your voice, benefit from AI diagnostics and remote software updates, plus much more with the Miele app. Set up, control and automate Miele appliances from almost anywhere. Now that’s clever.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

Manual cleaning is a thing of the past with Miele’s 3-stage pyrolytic cleaning programme. Suitable for light, moderate and heavy soiling, any food residue to turn to ash and can be easily wiped away at the end of the programme. Best of all, our H 7000 series ovens offer PyroFit accessories, meaning they can be left in the oven throughout the process.

Automatic programmes

Gain confidence in the kitchen with our vast range of Automatic programmes. Simply follow the instructions on the fascia panel and let the Miele oven take care of the rest. Even better still, set a defined finish time, so you can have freshly baked goods ready when you arrive home – pure bliss!

Perfect Clean with our enamel trays

Let’s face it, we are all looking for ways to minimise cleaning to get on with the important things in life. Our Perfect Clean enamel trays are truly effortless to clean as the glass-like surface only requires a little dishwashing liquid and a microfiber cloth, for the trays to become sparkling new once more.


Simply fitted to the side runners of the oven, Miele FlexiClip runners allow baking trays, wire racks and Gourmet oven dishes to be pulled clear of the oven compartment and are held safely and securely in any position. This handy accessory can be installed on up to 3 shelf levels for ultimate convenience.

A chef demonstrating Miele appliances at a Miele Experience Centre

Book a complementary cooking class

Test drive your appliances and book into a Miele Experience class. Our talented in-house Culinary Experts will showcase the latest Miele innovations and support you in choosing the best products to suit your lifestyle, all whilst you get to sample delicious, seasonal produce prepared using the Miele range.

Complementary appliances

The beauty of Miele is that our appliances can be installed under-bench, in a tower configuration, as a cube, or panoramic design, with the fascia panels aligning in perfect symmetry. These days, opting for just one oven is a rarity, given the trend towards hosting at home rather than going out for a meal. We find a 60cm oven combined with a 45cm Combi steam oven to be the most popular option, however the choices are endless!

Discover Miele Oven Recipes

Go beyond your cookbook and explore an inspiring collection of Miele oven recipes. Explore a world of flavours curated by our chefs, designed to maximise the capabilities of your Miele oven. Find your new signature dish and elevate your home cooking with Miele recipes today!

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