What’s Your Dish Stacking Style?


From cleaning up after a big dinner party or baking day, to a quick 5-minute dinner or simple snack – cleaning the dishes is something we all have to do.

Thanks to the invention of dishwashers, the once time-consuming chore has become quicker and easier than ever before. As with most household tasks, everyone has their own preference and has learnt how to do things a little differently.

We want to know: what does your dish stacking style say about you?

This month, the Miele team took a deep dive to find the common dish stacking faux pas and their culprits…

The pre-rinser

The pre-rinser feels the need to rinse each item before placing into the dishwasher. Did you know that Miele dishwashers can detect leftover crumbs and hard-to-remove residue stuck on a plate? An intensive 75°c setting will clean even the dirtiest of dishes and will leave them residue-free and perfectly clean. Why not save water and put them straight in the dishwasher? We dare you!

The perfect placer

Miele dishwashers have been designed so that every piece of crockery has its own place. With models featuring a 3D cutlery drawer for easy stacking and railing to perfectly align plates and glasses, there’s a place for everything to ensure each cycle performs the perfect clean. Miele’s new basket design offers unique solutions for stacking and ensures every dish or item has the ultimate place for it to be cleaned.


The cutlery jammer

There is always that one person who is a little too carefree when it comes to dish stacking. This is the one who is happy to break the rules with knives, forks and spoons all packed into one place, and jammed inside the basket.

At Miele, we have created a 3D+ cutlery tray, allowing you to adjust the width, height and depth for cutlery items, so you can fit everything in neatly. For a simpler clean we recommend forks, knives (blades facing down) and spoons placed together and enough space between each item to allow the cycle to rinse freely.

The disorganised stacker

There are two types of people – the strict stacker and their counterpart – the disorganised stacker. That person who throws in plates, bowls, cups any which way, with little regard for what fits where. We’ve all had to reorganise our dishwasher after this person to help make things fit!

Thankfully, Miele dishwashers have an abundance of place settings and wash programmes that can be used to modify the wash to suit your stacker style. With our FlexAssist colour coding, your dishwasher can now be tailored to suit your items.

Now, it’s hard to say if there is a certain rule about how to stack your dishwasher, however, we think it comes down to a combination of a few. Stay true to your style and select a Miele dishwasher for brilliant wash results for your most treasured cutlery, glassware and more.


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