There’s a Latte to Love About Miele’s CM 6360

On any normal day in Melbourne or Sydney, you can look around the city streets or any strip of shops in the suburbs and not only will you see an abundance of cafés with baristas busily making coffee, but also queues of people waiting patiently for their brew of choice. It is not chain stores or bulk-brewed filter coffee either, but rather small and boutique small businesses dishing up unique and personalised brews complete with almond, soy, coconut, or oat milk or perhaps none at all, even on ice.

While the daily coffee pilgrimage may have been a less common sight during the pandemic, one of the sure signs that society is returning to some semblance of normality is the abundance of happy coffee hunters around town.

Miele CM 6360

For the love of coffee

Aussies are well-known for their love of coffee and taking the taste, smell and beans of their brew very seriously. Having been bought to the country on the First Fleet in 1788, while it has had its peaks and troughs, it has long been a drink of choice since coffee seeds and plants were picked up in Rio de Janeiro on their way to Sydney Cove.

Be your own barista at home with CM 6360

It is little wonder therefore, given we are consistently in search of the best coffee around down here south of the equator, that Miele’s state of the art MilkPerfection CM 6360 Benchtop coffee machine has fast become a must-have for coffee lovers at home.

Providing the perfect interplay of components – grinder, brew unit and pump – that ensures a superb coffee experience, this machine delivers in spades on the quality cup that we crave in this part of the world. With the ability to make café-worthy coffee at home, this machine is designed to integrate seamlessly into the design of your kitchen.

Perfect quality is a given with Miele

Whether you choose a built-in or a freestanding machine, you are guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy your morning, afternoon or evening brew with a wide variety of coffee specialties crafted just for you.

Miele’s coffee machines provide the full sensory experience, with expertise that you can see, smell, feel, hear, and of course taste. Featuring WiFiConn@ct, high-quality milk container for that creamy milk froth as well as an AromaticSystem that delivers intense coffee aroma at the touch of a button – the CM 6360 is built for easy cleaning, care and maintenance.

Communication with the machine could not be easier and it has even been specifically designed to be flavour-conserving, grinding beans intelligently to achieve best possible brewing results.

Not everyone likes their coffee the same way, and what a boring world it would be if they did! Perhaps you ​prefer a full-bodied, earthy character and your partner prefers something a little more herbal and savoury flavours? Or perhaps you are a Ristretto aficionado and they are more cappuccino with extra froth with their morning toast?

With dozens of beans and brew to choose from, our machines make it easy to save your favourite drinks with up to 10 user profiles – and they can greet you with a personal touch. User profiles store all parameters for your favourite drop, including: size, water to milk ratio and temperature for individual coffee enjoyment.

Complete with a timer, so the machine can turn on in the morning before you do, Miele makes it easier than ever to get that caffeine fix. Plus, the Miele CM 6360 MilkPerfection has a larger than average water capacity that enables you to prepare five long black coffees at once, in one pot, which is ideal for that ‘after-dinner’ drop at your next evening soirée.

The delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee helps turn your house into a home every day. Make a Miele CM 6360 machine yours in Obsidian Black and you will get to enjoy that café feeling every single day.

For more on choosing the perfect coffee bean and how to savour café quality coffee from home, be sure to visit Miele’s Experience Centre website.

To experience the Miele CM 6360 and join the Coffee Revolution for yourself, simply find your nearest Miele Experience Centre with our easy-to-use location finder.


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