The next generation of food storage: MasterCool II and K 20000 Refrigeration range

Our new generation of kitchen appliances show more creativity than ever before, with unparalleled intuitiveness and award-winning designs. This month, we are thrilled to introduce you to our next generation of refrigeration appliances, the MasterCool II and K 20000 Freestanding refrigeration range.

This range pairs European design quality with Australian dimensions, allowing the new refrigerator to fit seamlessly into any contemporary home. Read on for a glimpse into what you can expect of this new generation of Miele Refrigeration.

Design that integrates flawlessly into every home

The new MasterCool II range gives you the flexibility to integrate your fridge perfectly into a handless kitchen, with Push2Open functionality that makes it simple and easy to open the doors. Slight pressure placed on the door panel will activate a pin that can gently open the door to an ajar position – great for when you’re in the middle of a recipe and need an ingredient urgently from the fridge.

With a stunning French Door design, the MasterCool II features upgraded door panelling to allow for even more storage space, with wider shelves and larger door bins that come with a sleek metallic finish. This is combined with BrilliantLight, panels of narrow LED strips that flood the interior, to allow for the ultimate illumination of all of your refrigerated products.

Inside a Miele refrigeration unit


Fight against food wastage

At Miele, sustainability is an integral part of our ethos and we design our products to ensure they not only stand the test of time but assist you in reducing your energy consumption and food wastage where possible.

Our MasterCool II Fridges have been built with MasterFresh drawers, controlling the temperature and humidity in the crisper section of the fridge to optimum levels. This protective storage helps fresh fruit and vegetables to stay fresh for up to five times longer and assist with reducing food wastage in the kitchen.

Intuitive technology

Just like our new Generation 7000 built-in kitchen appliances, the MasterCool II range can be controlled by the simple tap of a button using your smartphone. With WiFiConn@ct you can easily change the temperature of your fridge from anywhere in your home via the Miele@mobile app. This allows you to turn on the SuperCool setting to quickly chill your food and any door alarm warnings will be sent straight to your phone, so you’ll always know what’s happening inside your fridge.

The front of the MasterCool II also features an intuitive and convenient touch operation panel, the MasterSensor, allowing you to easily configure all of your preferred settings from the one place. You can adjust the MasterSensor’s colour settings to match with your fridge façade, ensuring nothing takes away from your overall kitchen design.

A new world of Freestanding Fridge

For those looking for more flexibility, our latest K 20000 Freestanding Refrigeration range comes with endless options. Providing an all-in-one solution for the heart of your kitchen, it allows you to select from a fridge and freezer or fridge, freezer and wine cooler combination option.

The K 20000 Range is available in white or Miele’s sleek CleanSteel to suit your kitchen design, with each model in the range including the opportunity to customise its features, allowing you to choose between recessed or vertical handles in a stainless-steel finish. Click2Open handless design is also available for those looking for a flush finish.

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The next generation of food storage: MasterCool II and K 20000 Refrigeration range
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The next generation of food storage: MasterCool II and K 20000 Refrigeration range
At Miele, your dream kitchen is within reach. Get to know the next generation of Miele refrigeration appliances: MasterCool II & K20000.

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