Say Yes to Effortless Cuisine with The Ultimate Sous Chef

Whether you’re a cooking pro or an enthusiastic novice, juggling busy mid-week dinners or weekend dinner parties can be no easy feat. Finding something that will make your evenings in the kitchen (and life in general), a little more leisurely, is a must.

Miele ovens are designed to offer home chefs a new kitchen experience, with innovations that promise impeccable results, sure to impress your family and friends.

Miele Australia Product Manager, Kylie Taylor, said while every Miele oven has a unique innovation designed to ‘make life better’, the Culinario Oven range is the ultimate sous chef.

“With features like Moisture Plus and 25 additional automatic programmes, the Culinario H 6267 B/BP really takes the pressure off home chefs when it comes to creating a delicious dinner party menu or quick mid-week masterpiece,” she said.

“Plus, the Culinario Oven range also comes with a set of Flexiclip runners, meaning you can baste or turn meat outside the hot oven without the risk of getting burned.”



Make complex meals effortless, with Miele’s Moisture Plus

Take the stress and hassle out of an essential winter warmer meal – a roast – with Miele’s Moisture Plus feature.

“There is nothing more comforting than a roast chicken dinner. It brings family and friends together,” said Miele Culinary Expert, James Barnes.

Moisture Plus injects a fine mist of water vapour into the oven cavity during cooking, leaving meat tender and succulent with an appetising browned crust.

“Having moisture injected into the cavity while the chicken is roasting allows for more even, well developed browning, as well as allowing the meat to stay tender and moist,” said James.

Another perfect example of a complex meal made simple with Miele is Beef Wellington.

Place the beef in the oven (wrapped in pastry) and use Miele’s Rapid Heat function, along with Moisture Plus, with two bursts of steam.

“The moisture allows for uniform textbook cooking and browning of the puff pastry that encases the beef fillet. Plus, the beef is cooked to perfection,” said James.

There are a number of meals that can be made incredibly easy using the Moisture Plus feature.  ‘Wow’ your guests at your next dinner party with pressed pork belly with grilled plums and rhubarb brioche tart.

James also recommends Pissaladiere, a dish from Nice in Southern France sure to impress your guests without the hassle. With just five ingredients, including a jar of Maggie Beer’s Caramelised Onions, mouth-watering results are guaranteed.

Leave the guesswork up to Miele

Miele’s range of automatic programmes on select ovens allows you to choose from over 100 dishes from around the world.

“There’s no need to program a mode, temperature or duration, just select your meal and let Miele do the rest,” said Kylie.

Be inspired without the complexity – James’ favourite Moisture Plus recipes:

French Onion Soup: “This recipe uses Miele’s Moisture Plus feature with one manual burst of steam after you’ve pre-heated the oven to 200˚C.”


Roast Chicken with pear, walnut and bread salad: “The chicken pieces are vacuum sealed to increase and intensify flavor by infusing with the other ingredients. The chicken is then removed and cooked in a 220˚C oven on the Moisture Plus feature with two manual bursts of steam.”

Roast pork rack with anchovy and caper butter and lentil salad: “This recipe uses both the Moisture Plus and Fan Plus features, keeping the pork succulent on the inside with the added moisture but crispy on the outside for delicious crackle.”

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