Safe, smart and sleek – why Miele’s Induction Cooktops are the way of the future

Let’s take a closer look at Miele’s stunning induction cooktops and their state-of-the-art features to see why these cooktops are fast becoming the number one choice in kitchens all around the world.

Europeans are known to be early adopters of the latest trends and therefore it comes as no surprise that they were amongst the first to embrace induction technology. So much so, that induction cooktops have actually been the norm in European households for more than 10 years. This technology is now gaining steady momentum across Australia and New Zealand and we would love to demystify the magic and the science behind induction technology, plus let you in on five of the reasons why induction should be on the menu for your next kitchen.

How do induction cooktops work?

Unlike electric cooktops, which have burners underneath the surface, or gas hobs that rely on an open flame – induction cooktops are electromagnetic. When you switch on your Miele induction cooktop, an electrical current passes through the magnetic coils positioned under the sleek and stylish ceramic glass surface and heat is generated only when you pop a suitable pan on top. This electromagnetic technology means that if you turn on your Miele induction cooktop and place your hand on top of it, you won’t feel any heat. Efficiency, safety and ease are just a few of the reasons why we think you’ll love induction cooking.

Five reasons to embrace induction cooktops

  1. Faster – spend more time entertaining your guests than waiting for water to boil thanks to induction’s extremely short heat up times. Indeed, Miele’s powerful 3.7 kW TwinBooster allows you to boil two litres of water in only four minutes, which is up to three times faster than gas. It’s that same power that allows you to melt chocolate or gently heat up cold food, such as stews, without them burning or sticking to your cookware.
  2. Safer – unlike gas cooktops, with induction only the base of the pot heats up and surrounding areas, such as the handles remain cool. As soon as you remove your pan or pot, the heating stops. Because the heat has been travelling directly from the cooktop to the pan, the glass surface never gets as hot as it does on a traditional electric cooktop.

Miele induction cooktops also have a range of additional built-in safety features, including child lock, overheating protection, residual heat indicators and maximum operating durations for each power level for ultimate peace of mind.

  1. More efficient – unlike gas and electric cooktops, heat is generated only where it is needed with induction: in the bottom of the pan to heat and cook your food. This makes cooking with induction particularly energy efficient, as heat (and therefore energy) is not lost or wasted. It also does not create the methane and pollution that natural gas creates, reducing your environmental footprint too.
  2. More flexible – Miele’s wide range of induction cooktop designs provide flexible solutions for an any kitchen environment. Our PowerFlex cooktops for example, adjust the zone perfectly whether you are using a single piece of cookware or multiple separate pieces. For those who love to have multiple pots on the go, we suggest the Full surface induction cooktops as they can handle up to six pieces of cookware at any given time. These actually have no predefined cooking zones, giving you the freedom of positioning your pots and pans anywhere on the cooktop. Miele even offers TempControl cooktops which use sensors to perfectly maintain the correct frying temperature throughout the cook, so no one has to settle for burnt pancakes.
  3. A whole lot quieter – thanks to SilentMove on our KM 7897 FL cooktop, you can move your pots and pans around in silence. This is made possible because the friction between the base of the pot and our specially manufactured glass is non-existent. Imagine that: no more banging and clanging around in the kitchen, disrupting the entire household in the process!

So, whether you have a few happy helpers in the kitchen and are worried about their safety, or you want to quickly whip up lunch from last night’s leftovers without having it stick to the pan, Miele’s induction cooktops are sure to take the guesswork and the stress out of cooking.

What are some other key features of Miele’s induction range?

Easy to use – achieve great results every time thanks to Miele’s SmartSelect Controls. Featuring simple icons and clear numbers, you can set power levels and times quickly and easily. The white, extra high-contrast display makes the settings super easy to read.

Easy to control – whether you are needing to get to a high temperature quickly for frying steaks, or reduce the cooking zone to a low temperature for simmering a sauce, Miele’s induction cooktops are exceptionally responsive and easy to control. You even have the ability to run multiple areas of the cooktop at different temperatures and with different timers. Miele’s induction cooktops also come with simple pre-set temperatures for your convenience that make cooking even smarter and simpler.

Easy to clean – we want to make it as easy for you to clean your appliances as possible, which is why we’ve made splatters and other types of mess easy to remove thanks to the smooth surface of our induction’s ceramic glass. With the touch of a finger it is possible to block operation of the cooktop for 20 seconds and wipe down using a microfibre cloth or our dedicated ceramic surface cleaner.

Smart and connected – with the Miele app, it’s possible to connect and interact with your cooktop from anywhere via your smart device. However, not only can you communicate with your induction cooktop, but the cooktop itself can also communicate with other appliances such as our elegant TwoInOne that combines an induction cooktop and rangehood together. Sophisticated Con@ctivity 3.0 features allow the rangehood to switch itself on, adjust power levels based on what settings have been selected on the cooktop and run the fan afterwards to ensure optimum removal of vapours and no lingering smells in the kitchen.

Perfect results with built-in convenience features – we have all had that moment when you’re cooking and the doorbell or your phone rings and you have to abandon ship. That is no longer a problem with Miele’s Stop&Go function. All cooking zones can be reduced to power level one with the single touch of a button, and when you return, you can reactivate the cooktop to the same power level quickly and easily.

Designed to suit all requirements – induction cooktops are an aesthetically beautiful addition to any modern kitchen, and they provide perfect integration into an island bench with no obstructed views. Thanks to their uniform depths, our Miele SmartLine cooktops seamlessly integrate offering you diverse combination options that allow to you have a kitchen design that perfectly complements your personal taste.

Is it time to experience the possibilities of induction cooking?

We are proud to say that our induction cooktops go the extra mile to provide the best protection and results in every situation. But if you want to experience the endless possibilities for creating chef-quality meals at home, we would love to see you at a Miele Experience Centre so you can see first-hand the magic of induction cooktops for yourself.

Safe, smart and sleek - why Miele’s Induction Cooktops are the way of the future
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Safe, smart and sleek - why Miele’s Induction Cooktops are the way of the future
Dive into the world of Miele's induction cooktops and discover why they're becoming the top choice in Australian households. Explore the flexibility and silence of Miele cooktops, and their sleek designs that can seamlessly fit into any kitchen.

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