Twice cooked miso chicken skewers
30 minutes
Prep time
15 minutes
Cooking time
20 Servings


Tamago moto

1 egg yolk
75 ml vegetable oil

Chicken skewers

500 g chicken thigh mince
15 g grated ginger
25 g white sesame seeds, toasted
45 g white miso paste
45 g spring onions, finely chopped

To serve

Sansho pepper


Tamago moto

  1. Place egg yolk into the smallest bowl of a food processor and blitz, slowly drizzling the oil into the yolk to form a thick emulsion.

Chicken skewers

  1. Mix chicken and remaining ingredients in a large bowl. Add enough tamago moto to combine.
  2. Place mixture in a piping bag and cut a 2.5cm hole at the tip.
  3. Line the solid steam tray with baking paper. Pipe long lengths of the chicken mixture 1cm apart, onto the baking paper.
  4. Steam at 80°C for 12 minutes.
  5. Place in refrigerator to cool and set. Cut into 6cm lengths and skewer with 9cm bamboo skewers.
  6. Remove from the refrigerator and stand the chicken for 20 minutes before browning.
  7. Heat a griddle plate on medium heat, Induction setting 7, and cook until golden brown and the chicken is warmed through.

To serve

  1. Serve with a light sprinkling of sansho pepper and finish with a squeeze of lemon.

Hints and tips

  • Sansho S&B brand, is available at most Asian grocery store


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