Spaghetti and meatballs
5-10 minutes
Preparation time
15-20 minutes
Cooking time
6 servings


1 x 500 g packet spaghetti

750 g pork sausages

2 tbsp olive oil

1 brown onion, finely chopped

2 tsp fennel seeds

1 garlic clove, crushed

70g (¼ cup) tomato paste

2 x 400 tin diced tomatoes

½ bunch basil

Parmesan, freshly grated


  1. Place a medium saucepan on medium-high heat, induction setting 7, allow to preheat for 2-3 minutes. Once hot, add the olive oil, diced onion, fennel seeds and a pinch of salt.
  2. Sweat the onions for approximately 5 minutes, or until the onions are soft and beginning to caramelise.
  3. Add the crushed garlic and cook until aromatic, then add the tomato paste.
  4. Increase the cooktop to induction setting 8. Add the diced tomatoes, splash some water into the tins to rinse and add the water to the tomato sauce. Reduce to medium heat, induction setting 6, and allow to simmer.
  5. In a separate frying pan, squeeze out meatballs from the sausage skins, as big or as little as you like. You should get 4-6 meatballs out of each sausage, depending on the size.
  6. Once your pan is full, add a little olive oil and a pinch of salt, and place onto the cooktop on medium-high heat, induction setting 7. Allow to sit for 2-3 minutes before giving the pan a quick shake to separate and move the meatballs.
  7. Place the spaghetti into an unperforated steam container, add a pinch of salt and cover completely with tap water. Place into the steam oven and Steam at 100°C for the cooking time specified on the packet.
  8. Once your meatballs are cooked through, add to the saucepan of tomato sauce and reduce the heat to induction setting 5. Allow to gently simmer whilst the pasta is cooking.
  9. Once the pasta is cooked, strain through a colander, retaining half a cup of the pasta water. Add the pasta and the reserved water to the meatballs and stir together.
  10. Roughly chop most of the basil, reserving some leaves for garnish and add to the pan, along with a handful of grated parmesan. Stir through and serve up immediately.
  11. Garnish with some fresh basil leaves, freshly grated parmesan, and a drizzle of olive oil.


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