Kingfish marinated in citrus with pistachio
20 minutes
Preparation time
3 minutes
Cooking time
4 servings


240 g kingfish fillet, skin and blood line removed

Pickled Kohlrabi

200 g kohlrabi, peeled and sliced thinly 2 mm thick and cut into 6 cm discs
50 g sugar
100 ml rice wine vinegar
50 ml white wine or mirin
50 ml water
Pinch Sea Salt


24 naval orange segments
1 lime, zest and juice
1 tablespoons roasted pistachio
1 tablespoon of broccoli or canola flowers
2 tablespoons, extra virgin olive oil
Sea Salt


  1. Slice kingfish thinly across the grain of the fish, similar to how you would slice a piece of beef eye fillet, portion 80 g of sliced fish per person.
  2. In a saucepan on high heat, Induction setting 8-9, bring to the boil the vinegar, sugar, water and mirin. Pour over the kohlrabi that has been thinly sliced and allow to cool in the pickling liquor. Then drain the pickled kohlrabi on paper towel and set aside for plating.
  3. Place kingfish portion in a bowl, micro plane over the lime zest then squeeze half of the zested lime into the bowl. Dress with olive oil and season with salt.
  4. Place the Kingfish slices on plate randomly, but neatly spreading each slice out thinly flat on the plate.
  5. Place orange segments and kohlrabi around the gaps in the fish on the plate.
  6. Liberally add the pistachios and any remaining dressing over each plate.


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