Glace oranges
10 minutes
Preparation time
18-25 minutes
Cooking time
4 servings


6 oranges, cut into ½cm round slices

600 ml water

600 g sugar

6 star anise

6 juniper berries

8 cloves

2 cinnamon quills

2 vanilla beans split

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  1. Place all ingredients in a deep solid steam tray.
  2. Place in the Pressure Steam Oven and pressure steam at 120°C for 18 minutes.
  3. Once the oranges have cooled, remove from the liquid and vacuum seal for a minimum of 3 days. Alternatively, oranges will keep in a sterilised jar in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks.

Sterilising jars

  1. If using a jar for storage, place the glass jar on its side on a wire rack in the Steam Oven and steam at 100°C for 15 minutes to sterilise the jar.


  • Oranges can be kept whole. If keeping the oranges whole, cook for 25 minutes. The more the oranges macerate in the sugar syrup, the more they will become translucent and decadent.


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