Freekah and roasted vegetable salad
20 minutes
Preparation time
25-30 minutes
Cooking time
6-8 servings


120g cracked freekeh
250ml water
200g butternut pumpkin, 2cm dice
200g beetroot, 2cm dice
1 red capsicum, 2cm dice
1 red onion, 2cm dice
1 tbsp ground coriander
1 tbsp ground cumin
1 tsp smoked paprika
2 tbsp olive oil


70g pinenuts, toasted
75g raisins
15ml olive oil
50ml lemon juice
Zest 1 lemon
¼ bunch mint leaves, roughly chopped
¼ bunch coriander, roughly chopped
Salt and pepper
100g goats curd (optional)



1. Place freekeh and water in an unperforated steam container and Steam at 100°C for 25 minutes.

Roast vegetables

1. Pre-heat oven on Fan Grill at 200°C.
2. In a large bowl, combine olive oil, coriander, cumin and paprika, toss to coat vegetables.
3. Place the vegetables onto a multi-purpose tray, shelf position 4 and cook for 25 minutes or until browned.

To serve

1. Combine all dressing ingredients except goats curd. Pour over cooked freekeh and mix well.
2. Add the grilled vegetables, season with salt and pepper and mix to combine.
3. Arrange the freekeh into a bowl, top with dollops of goats curd and drizzle with a little olive oil.

Hints and tips

• Freekeh or farik is a cereal food made from green durum wheat that is roasted and rubbed to create its unique flavour. If using wholegrain freekeh the cooking time will be longer. Steam at 100°C for 50 minutes.
• This salad can be served warm or cold.
• A variety of vegetables work well with this salad, however the cooking times will vary.
• Fetta can be used in place of goat’s curd.


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