Chicken fat potatoes, seaweed
15 minutes
Preparation time
1 hour 10 minutes
Cooking time
6-8 servings


1.5kg Chat potatoes
100ml chicken confit fat
Murray River salt flakes
1 Nori seaweed sheet


1. Pre-heat Oven on Fan Plus at 160°C.
2. Place nori sheet onto a Baking tray on Shelf position 2. Bake for 5 minutes until toasted.
3. Place in a mortar and pestle and ground into a coarse powder. Reserve.


1. Arrange potatoes in a Perforated steam tray, place in Steam Oven and Steam at 100°C for 20 minutes until soft enough to lightly crush.
2. Remove and allow to dry at room temperature for 10 minutes.
3. Pre-heat Oven on Fan Plus at 200°C.
4. Place in a Gourmet oven dish and using the back of a spoon flatten the potatoes to crush.
5. Pour over chicken fat and season. Place in Oven on Shelf position 2 for 45 minutes until potatoes are brown, turning halfway through to ensure all sides are evenly cooked.
6. Transfer potatoes to a pre-warmed bowl, sprinkle over nori and salt flakes to taste.


• Nori can be purchased from Asian grocers
• Chicken fat can be substituted for duck fat


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