‘Off the wall’ — latest kitchen design trends and tips for choosing the best rangehood for your home

Former Head of our Miele Arnsberg facility in Germany, Manfred Korff, is known for saying that “we treat our rangehoods like polished diamonds,” meaning that we consider everything, test them to the highest standards, and take pride in creating a brilliant final product that is the ideal focal point for your kitchen.

Each put together by a single worker on the production line in Arnsberg, Germany, known as the ‘Centre of Excellence’, select Miele rangehoods come complete with powerful and economical motors that save up to 70 per cent electricity compared to conventional motors, state of the art connectivity and easy-to-clean powder coated finishes. Whether modern, classic or ‘off the wall’: Miele offers a broad range of modern and elegant rangehoods with the legendary Miele quality so you can choose the right one for your kitchen and cooktop.

The purpose of having a rangehood in your kitchen

During cooking, and particularly frying, vapours are given off that consist of a mixture of steam, particles of fat and odours. If air is not then extracted or filtered, these vapours will remain in the room and affect the quality of air and kitchen environment. Over time, it will also affect surrounding furniture, soft furnishings, paintwork and appliances where grease and vapours are allowed to settle. Oh dear!

Thankfully, there are several options for cleaning the air effectively as we cook up a storm, including air extraction and recirculation with Miele having long been known for our expertise in the field of ventilation technology.

Miele’s recirculation mode rangehoods are particularly efficient at removing odours thanks to a special active charcoal filter that absorbs odours and circulates clean air back into the kitchen. With no heat loss, this process saves energy while keeping the air clean. Find out more about Miele’s filter systems.

Latest trends in rangehood and kitchen design

Interior design is the art and science of organising and decorating the interior of any space to enhance its features. Every choice can reflect your personality and help you express your identities, with trends coming and going, evolving and growing each year. With most interior design trends since 2020 being influenced by the pandemic, what has it meant for kitchens?

Multifunctionality with redefined workspaces, nature-inspired colour palettes, along with more luxurious, elegant and glamorous features characterise recent trends according to The Arch Digest, with “the global lockdown igniting the chef spirit in all of us.”

The biggest question when it comes to your kitchen right now, and particularly which rangehood to choose, comes down to this fundamental style choice: do you want to blend in or do you want to stand out?

If you prefer a kitchen that is timeless, streamlined and more understated, concealing your rangehood behind a wall or cupboard doors helps to maintain clean lines and avoids disrupting the continuous flow of upper cabinets. And of course, there’s also the option to install a flush and elegant Miele TwoInOne induction cooktop with integrated extractor, which removes the need for an overhead rangehood altogether, eliminating cooking odours or vapours exactly where they are produced.

On the other hand, if you want to stand out, take a risk and be a little bold with your new kitchen, then you can’t go past an island or wall-mounted decor rangehood that stands out for all the right reasons.

Different types of rangehoods

The most common types of rangehoods include wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted or ‘island’, which you will see in most homes in Australia and New Zealand. Some other less common but equally effective and attractive rangehoods also include downdraft, ductless and recirculating.

Starting off with the two most common, Miele offers two different designs when it comes to wall and island mounted rangehoods, both featuring clean, prominent lines and perfect workmanship. Whether installed on a wall or over an island bench, these rangehoods always attract attention and are popular choices year after year.

Island decor rangehoods

Nothing says ‘masterchef’ quite like a big island rangehood descending from the ceiling. If  you are planning a lavish cooking island, then the ultimate appliance for your kitchen should be an island rangehood whose attractive design will be the centre of attention in your kitchen. Design your creative cooking centre with clear contours and concise design accents, and make the most of energy-efficient LED lighting and light-touch switches for easy use.

Wall-mounted decor rangehoods

Wall-mounted rangehoods, mount right on the wall. If you are looking to turn your cooking area into an eye-catcher, a wall-mounted rangehood fitted in between two wall units or on its own will make a bold statement. Miele’s ergonomic wall rangehoods also offer plenty of space for cooking thanks to an inclined or vertical front.

Downdraft systems

A very elegant solution, Miele downdraft systems such as the Levantar integrate into a cooktop and free up space in the kitchen. Room heights and other obstructions are no longer an issue. At the touch of a button, the downdraft extractor is raised and activated to extract cooking vapours and odours. When the extractor is no longer needed, it simply disappears into the worktop. In terms of form and function, this appliance is a highlight amongst rangehoods and can be built into any kitchen.

Smarter and more silent than ever before

Most Miele rangehoods are equipped with 10-ply stainless-steel grease filters for excellent grease removal. Built-in fall protection allows you to handle them safely and protects your cooktop from damage. The top layer and filter frame are made of high-quality stainless steel so that no visible discoloration occurs from being cleaned in the dishwasher and they retain their stunning appearance. So, what other features can you expect from a Miele rangehood?

If you are looking to make your home smarter and more intuitive while having an uninterrupted and more creative kitchen experience, then you will love our rangehood’s Con@ctivity 3.0 features. Concentrate fully on cooking because your rangehood always knows exactly what to do. As soon as the cooktop is switched on or off, the rangehood responds automatically. The extraction power is automatically adjusted to what is happening on the cooktop, ensuring a pleasant room climate at all times. The appliances communicate with each other via WiFi, allowing you to integrate the rangehood and cooktop into Miele@home. And the special features don’t stop there…

Miele rangehoods also come with industry-leading ‘Silence’ features meaning that the motor, chimney and rangehood canopies are equipped with special insulation for effective sound-proofing. You can have a normal conversation or listen easily to your favourite cooking show on TV, even with high air throughput.

Eco-friendly and gentle on the environment

Every Miele rangehood is tested in accordance with current, best in world, European standards. Furthermore, selected Miele rangehoods, such as the Miele DA 2698 features an Eco Motor, which is the heart and soul of every rangehood. These Eco Motors work up to 70% more economically than conventional motors and are extremely quiet and powerful.

Using intelligent fan control, Miele Con@ctivity allows the rangehoods to achieve optimum extraction of kitchen vapours and odours, whilst saving energy. It enables the rangehood to communicate with the cooktop, gathering data to automatically select the correct fan settings to ensure the best room climate at all times. It also turns itself off automatically when finished cooking, so you do not use any more energy than is necessary if you forget to switch it off yourself.

Whatever style appeals to you, shop Miele for beautifully functional kitchen appliances and rangehoods.


‘Off the wall’ — latest kitchen design trends and tips for choosing the best rangehood for your home
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‘Off the wall’ — latest kitchen design trends and tips for choosing the best rangehood for your home
Explore the latest trends in kitchen design and discover how to choose the best Miele rangehood for your home with this insightful guide. Learn why rangehoods are essential for maintaining a clean and healthy kitchen environment, and delve into the latest trends shaping kitchen designs.

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