Miele Launches an Advanced Robotic Vacuum Without Compromise

Miele Launches an Advanced Robotic Vacuum Without Compromise

Good news – the days of compromising on the performance or quality of robotic vacuums are over. Miele has just launched a technologically advanced robotic vacuum that delivers professional results that are on par, if not better, than most industrious hand-held vacuums.
Miele’s Scout RX2 is like no other with its superior suction power, innovative cleaning system, 3D vision and navigation, not to mention its remote operation and home vision via an intuitive mobile app.

“The Scout RX2 really raises the bar in robotic vacuum technology,” said Robin Werth, Head of Category Management at Miele Australia.

“It is a game-changer and will give Australian home owners professional results without compromise.”

Unrivalled suction and Quattro cleaning power

Fluff, dust and dirt won’t stand a chance against the Scout RX2, with this innovative machine boasting three times the suction power of its predecessor.

It also features a new Quattro Cleaning Power four-step cleaning system, with purpose-built brushes and multiple suction units that work together to eliminate debris.

“The Scout RX2 does such a thorough job. Coarse and fine dust is removed as it traverses across carpets and hard floors, ” said Robin.

Obstacles no hassle with 3D vision and smart navigation

The Scout RX2 makes light work of tight spaces and hard turns around furniture, with the two inbuilt cameras enabling 3D vision to detect and avoid obstacles along its path.
Sophisticated software provides improved navigation for systematic cleaning of even the most complex room layouts.

“This intelligent machine is equipped with a number of infrared sensors combined with software to ensure it won’t bump into prized furniture or fall down the stairs,” said Robin.

The Scout RX2 identifies its position in the room during cleaning and follows a specific pattern as it works. It uses landmarks within the room to create a real-time digital map that it follows systematically and uses its 3D vision and sensors to avoid bumping into objects.

“While it works it saves its coordinates to provide details on where has been cleaned and what is left. It then recalls this information for its next clean.”

“Compact in design, the Scout RX2 can slip underneath most couches with ease.”

Mobile Control and Home Vision

With the Home Vision model you can control your Scout RX2 from work, the gym, or wherever you are with the innovative app.

The Scout RX2 app makes it easy to monitor the vacuum’s progress and change the cleaning mode from a smartphone or tablet.

“The turbo mode is ideal if you’re short on time and want results fast. It comes in handy when you’re entertaining or expecting guests.

“You can also view live images streamed from the built-in cameras and monitor your home in real time,” said Robin.

How Quattro Cleaning Power works

The Scout RX2 cleans your home in four stages:

“During the first step, fan shaped brushes extend out on articulated arms to draw the debris towards the centre of the vacuum. These arms are purpose-built to clean extremely close to corners and walls with ease and retract if they contact an object.

“In the second and third steps, a specialised beater bar brushes up and collects all the rough debris under the unit which is then vacuumed into the dust bin.

“The fourth stage features a final level of suction to ensure all residues are removed from the floor,” Robin said.

For heavily soiled areas, sensors detect a more thorough cleaning is required and the Scout RX2 vacuums the area three times. Thanks to automatic floor covering detection, the Scout RX2 knows when it is vacuuming carpeted areas and automatically increases the suction power to provide a deep clean.

Long lasting battery life

The Scout RX2 can clean your home continuously for up to two hours, covering a large area of around 750 metres, before it automatically makes its way back to its charging station. Depending on the model, it takes approximate 2-3 hours to recharge.

Filtration allergy sufferers will love

Miele has applied its superior technology to invent an AirClean Plus filter that’s easy to clean. The suction and filtration perform excellently in unison to remove dust and animal hair from your floors.

Additional features

4 cleaning modes. “Auto mode” entire house, “Turbo mode” is 50% quicker than Auto mode. “Spot mode” cleans a specific area; “Silent mode”.

Large, easy to remove dust box

Dirt sensors: Repeats cleaning process over heavily soiled areas three times.

Climbing skills. It can climb up raised surfaces of up to 0.75 inches in height.

Floor covering detection

Remote control

Quiet operation It works silently, particularly useful if you have pets.

Furniture protection Infrared sensors prevent it from colliding into furniture. The front rubber bumper along its outer edge and the side-brushes are also contributing to this feature.

Cliff avoidance Sensors ensure it doesn’t fall down the stairs.

Find out more about the Scout RX2 here.


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