Miele creates built-in Steam Oven with Microwave

Most passionate cooks are sold on the flavour and health benefits of cooking with steam, but up until now when space is limited, they’ve had to choose whether to fit a microwave or a steam oven into the niche above or below their wall oven.

Now, they no longer have to decide between the convenience of microwaves or the gentle cooking of steam, with Miele’s built-in Steam Oven with Microwave.

Tug of war is over – convenience vs quality

Debra Barrow, Miele’s Category Marketing Manager for Kitchen, says, “Cooks with limited space can now use their fully-fledged built-in Steam Oven to produce meals full of flavour, nutrients and colour, and use their Microwave function for fast jobs like making popcorn or heating foods.

“The best of gentle cooking and rapid heating have been combined into one appliance.

“As steamed food is cooked more gently with moisture, it loses fewer nutrients and less colour, so it tastes better and is more nutritious.

“But also, nothing beats the convenience of melting butter and chocolate using microwaves. The combination of a Steam Oven and Microwave is the best of both worlds”, said Barrow.

Features & Benefits of Miele’s Built-in Steam Oven with Microwave

Using the 100% dedicated built-in Steam Oven, enjoy cooking a complete three course meal in one process, resulting in tender dishes with no transfer of flavours.

When you’re in a hurry, the 100% Microwave function gives you the convenience of being able to warm a glass of milk, make jam, melt butter and chocolate, defrost frozen foods, make popcorn and so much more.

Read on below to discover the highlights of Miele’s first built-in Steam Oven with Microwave:

MultiSteam ensures perfect results: Miele’s MultiSteam technology injects steam via 8 port inlets, enabling short heat-up times, even steam distribution and uniform cooking results.

Large interior and 40L capacity: Four shelf levels make it possible to cook an entire three-course meal at one time, without the transfer of flavour.

Automatic Menu Cooking: Miele’s Automatic Menu cooking ensures food is ready at the same time, by automatically determining the temperature, cooking duration and sequence of when to add food.

Pre-set Automatic Programmes guarantee superb results: Choose from numerous pre-set Automatic Programmes for perfect results when cooking fish, meat, vegetables and more. Just set and forget.

Push to release water container ensures easy top-up of water.

Simple cleaning: Simply wipe clean. Because the steam is externally generated and injected into the appliance, there is no build-up of lime scale.

Popcorn button: One button dedicated to fast and easy preparation of a packet of popcorn.

Powerful: The dedicated Microwave function has a high performing 1000W.

One Appliance with Two Functions – 100% Steam Oven with 100% Microwave

The built-in Steam Oven with Microwave perfectly complements Miele’s Conventional Ovens in kitchens where there is limited space, so you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for quality.

“For years chefs have used steam ovens to produce incredibly flavoursome food. Tricks of the trade include slowly steaming ribs or lamb overnight so the meat just melts in your mouth, or steaming your steak, before browning it in a hot sizzling pan. This built-in Steam Oven with Microwave will encourage thousands of Australians to eat healthier and experiment more, extending their culinary repertoire beyond steamed vegetables and fish,” said Barrow.

To view this appliance in action, find your local Miele Experience Centre here.



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