Kitchen Design Linked To Property Value At Sale Time, Say Experts

Lasting family memories often have the kitchens as the central point. It’s also the room in a home that’s most important when it comes to first impressions.

A kitchen is where families congregate – in the morning to fuel up for the day and in the evenings to unwind and replay events of significance or those that are just silly and worth sharing.

It’s where kids stare into the refrigerator looking for food inspection, where friends bake for the local fundraiser and come together to make pasta (an excuse really to trade stories over a glass of Semillon) and loved ones.

Kitchens are the nucleus of a home, no matter how big or small the space or the family, and therefore under most scrutiny for buyers, says Devine Real Estate’s, Elaine Bowcher.

“It’s an area that in fact defines our social status and a valuable asset when renovating to sell or as an investment for a future sale.”

According to the experts, a showstopper kitchen features clean lines with beautifully finished bench tops and cabinetry, stainless steel high end European appliances, preferably with brand for continuity, and a seamless aesthetic.

And when it comes to attracting buyers to a home or apartment, the kitchen and the quality appliances in particular can add significant value, and even make the property sell quicker, Bowcher says.

Elaine Bowcher

“A spectacular kitchen makes a massive difference and Miele always impresses people. Prospective buyers and investors see that you have invested in quality appliances and they assume that money and detailed attention has been spent on other fittings and finishings as well.”

“High end washers and stoves, coffee machines and dishwashers are a drawcard. They speak to quality and an aesthetic and that’s what many buyers look for.”

Showcase kitchens and their feature appliances are highlighted in advertising and are serious draw cards to a home.

Senior Auctioneer Dexter Prack of Harcourts Judd White in Glen Waverley says buyers ‘imagine’ themselves living in a property and their dream is often centred in the kitchen.

“People are brand astute and when a home has Miele products – a Steam Ovens, Cooktops and Dishwashers, we highlight that in our advertising because it brings more people to the property. Buyers appreciate the longevity and efficiency of Miele appliances.”

It’s the clean and sleek aesthetics and sense of completeness that buyers love. It’s also a stamp of approval, says Bowcher

“Miele represents a contemporary and modern appeal where the stainless steel blends in with a décor across a range of styles,” she said.

But there’s a very practical side too. “Buyers won’t mind doing some minor renovations – like flooring or painting – but many want the kitchen and bathroom complete so they can just settle in and enjoy without having to outlay more funds in the future.”

Open plan is the trending kitchen design of choice where the ‘catering’ aspects of the home blend with the ‘living’ to create a seamless movement from one area to the next.

“Appliances are mostly on show and an impressive statement piece in themselves. That’s where Miele’s clean lines and timeless elegance truly elevate a kitchen experience,” Bowcher explained.

“At the spectacular end of the spectrum I’ve seen complete walls with integrated or built-in Miele appliances. You can’t get more sumptuous and buyers know that.”

With 21 years in the industry, Dexter has seen firsthand the impact a stunning kitchen has on a sale, an insight he is taking into his own renovation project.

“We’re upgrading our bench tops and appliances – in fact it’s costing us more than double – because we want the aesthetic and performance of top quality brands as an investment.”


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