Have the Best of Both Worlds with a Washer Dryer

Designed to revolutionise your laundry experience with next generation features that make doing the laundry a whole lot quicker and more gentle on the environment, it’s time to find out why Miele washer dryers are fast becoming a household favourite.

Miele washer dryers in a laundry room of a home

While washer dryer technology has come a long way, there seems to remain a common misconception that many of the combination appliances on the market do not provide the same reliable and quality experience as their standalone counterparts. However, Miele appliances are not like every other, and they benefit from over 120 years of innovation and expert craftsmanship, meaning that Miele washer dryers tick all of the boxes.

While one of the major benefits of Miele washer dryers is that they are ideal for small spaces and apartment dwellers, and are also perfectly positioned in a mud room. Additionally, more and more we are seeing families add a washer dryer to their laundries alongside a washing machine and tumble dryer to provide ultimate flexibility and ease of use. Fully utilising their many features will not only transform your laundry experience and reduce the time spent ironing, folding, drying – it can even improve the life of your clothes. Let’s find out how.

Providing ease of use for busy families

Anyone with a big family knows how quickly laundry can pile up. For those tired of spending hours on end doing multiple loads a day, you might want to consider adding a washer dryer into the mix. This additional appliance with double the capabilities enables you to ‘set and forget’ the bulkier items like towels and sheets, while still freeing up your regular washing machine and dryer for the everyday items.

Miele washer dryers also come with ultimate convenience, with the ability to put your load of laundry on and have the machine take care of the rest, it’s as stress-free as doing the laundry gets. Also a great solution if you have mobility issues, limited space or you cannot be home during the day to move items from the washing machine to the dryer, washer dryers offer ease of use every time.

A lighter footprint

For many of us, the pandemic has created a renewed sense of urgency to incorporate more eco-friendly elements into our homes and everyday lives. The good news is that sustainability has been at the forefront of everything we do since day one.

Powerful and economical: our washer dryers are fitted with ProfiEco motors and an inverter drive to ensure wear-free, quiet, energy-saving operation. The Thermospin function saves time and energy. Even before the drying cycle begins, your items are tumbled in a current of warm air while the spin speed is gradually increased. This means that the water content drops even before the actual drying cycle has started and decreases the running time, making drying your items easier, quicker and with a lighter footprint than ever before.

Sleek new design

The laundry is no longer an area of the home that is to be out of sight and out of mind. Nowadays, laundries are being designed to be just as stylish as they are functional, given that we spend somewhere between 3-4 hours a week on average doing laundry.

Our sleek new range of washer dryers come with an upgraded look and feel, with even more colour options than ever before. With a range of varied door colour varieties, you can choose from chrome, silver, lotus white, obsidian black or graphite grey – meaning there is a look to suit every laundry. They also come with a transparent porthole door to deliver a higher-quality appearance, which seamlessly integrates into your existing laundry design.

Miele washer dryers

Gentle on clothes

Whether it’s a beautiful silk blouse, your precious soccer jersey or your child’s favourite sweater, we all want our clothes to come out of the wash in the same, if not better, shape than they went in. Thanks to our Miele PerfectCare technology, your family’s laundry is treated with the utmost care.

PerfectDry is an electronic residual moisture control function that achieves precise and particularly ecological drying results. Depending on the model, Miele washer dryers offer up to five different drying levels, meaning that your laundry always reaches the degree of drying you want. The honeycomb drum ensures that your goods are optimally protected during both washing and drying – meaning you can enjoy your favourite items for longer. They are also perfectly suited to those in cooler climates with little space to dry clothes on a line in the sunshine, or who don’t want to damage their delicate items by drying them outside in the elements.

While it might be a little while yet before we perfect the technology that allows you to put your clothes in the washing machine only to return later and find that they’ve been hung up in your wardrobe, the Miele washer dryer combination is the next best thing. Like all new Miele appliances, our washer dryers come with state of the art connectivity and you can enjoy the innovation now and pay later with Humm.

Whether you’re in the market for a sleek new machine to fit into your modern home renovation or a reliable system for your family that gives perfect results every time, visit: www.miele.com.au/ or visit our Miele Experience Centre website for more inspiration on revolutionising the laundry experience.

Have the Best of Both Worlds with a Washer Dryer
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Have the Best of Both Worlds with a Washer Dryer
Engineered to transform the way you do your laundry, Miele washer dryers have become a choice for many. Discover the Miele difference.

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