Top Frequently Asked Questions

[Service] How can I book a service for my appliance?

Thank you for your question. You can book a service for your product at: 

[Installation & troubleshooting videos] Do you have any installation and troubleshooting videos?

We have a variety of installation and troubleshooting videos to help you with your appliance you can view here.

[Product] How do I find a product that is showing out of stock online?

When a product is out of stock and you would like to know when it is available again, please email our Customer Care Centre at, alternatively you can call the Customer Care Centre on 1300 464 353 and they will be able to advise you. Alternatively, our Miele retailer partners may have available stock of those models. You can search for your nearest Miele retail partner at:

[Product] Where are your appliances made?

The majority of Miele appliances are made in Germany however those that are not are manufactured to Miele’s specifications in strict accordance with the quality control measures used in our German factories. For more information on that product please advise them to call 1300 464 353

[Product Laundry] What stacking kit is suitable for X washing machine and dryer?

If you visit this page select the kit, on the product page there is a field called ‘Is this product suitable for my appliance?’ type in your appliance and it will advise if that stacking kit is suitable.

[Redeeming vouchers] How do I redeem a gift card or certificate?

Your promotion code can be located on the promotion voucher you received either with your order, Miele for Life membership offer or with your new Miele appliance.

The promotion code will consist of letters and numbers and must be entered into the online shop cart exactly as written on your voucher.

If you are having any issues with entering your voucher code or the code is not working correctly, please contact our Live Chat team for 24/7 support. TIP: If your online shop order has timed-out or the voucher code is showing as “expired” in the shopping cart, your code may have been locked for security reasons. Please clear your cart and wait 24 hours to redeem your voucher code online again. Otherwise contact Live Chat for more assistance.

[Spare parts] How do I order a spare part for my appliance/vacuum?

You can find your spare part online via the online shop: If you are not sure which spare part you need for your appliance/vacuum please submit an enquiry here: or via the online shop

[Warranty] What is the cost for extended warranty?

For complete peace of mind the Miele Service Certificate (MSC) extends your manufacturer’s warranty period up to 8 years* from the date of appliance delivery, for a single charge of $ 269 (Inc.GST) per appliance for 3 year extended warranty (MSC5) or, from 1st March 2022 a 10 year extended warranty (MSC10) for a single charge of $ 649 (Inc.GST) per appliance*

*The new Miele Service Certificate 10 (MSC10) extends the manufacturer’s warranty to 10 years from the date of appliance delivery, for a single charge of $649 (Inc. GST) per domestic appliance, and $1,099 for Dialog Ovens, MasterCool and Upright Cookers.

For more information visit

[Warranty] What is the warranty on the Miele products?

All Miele domestic appliances come with a free 2-year parts and labour warranty. Miele will correct, free of charge, any defects in material or workmanship for a period of 2 years, subject to the terms of our Guarantee.

[Warranty] How do I register my new appliance for warranty?

To register your Miele appliance for warranty, please use this link and complete the Warranty Registration Form:

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