Five tips to help you clean your Miele dishwasher

Want sparkling clean dishes wash after wash? Try these 5 simple, non-toxic tips to DIY clean your Miele dishwasher for ultimate performance.

Miele dishwashers are known for their longevity, quality craftsmanship and high performance, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little maintenance from time to time to keep your dishes sparkling clean. Here are five simple tips to help you clean your Miele dishwasher that are gentle on your machine and don’t involve using unknown chemicals.

Use a descaler to remove limescale

For Optimum care for many years of reliability, we recommend using a Miele Descaler to remove limescale deposits that build up due to hard water and can be dangerous for your dishwasher. Mild and gentle thanks to natural citric acid, our formula is specifically designed for Miele dishwashers and treats heating rods, drums, and other components gently. For optimum performance, we recommend using a Miele Descaler 1–3 times per year on the Pots and Pans programme (75C) without any dishes inside.

Safely clean the filter

Make sure you turn your dishwasher off and that there is no current running through it. Turn the handle in an anti-clockwise direction to release the filter and remove, running all coarse particles under water or using a

Multi-Purpose microfibre cloth to clean the filter better. We recommend cleaning and emptying your dishwasher’s filter combination regularly, or at least once a month, to remove food particles and debris that can get stuck day to day.

Add salt to your machine

They say salt is the spice of life, but it is also your dishwasher’s best friend. Extra coarse and perfect for Miele dishwashers, Dishwasher Salt protects your machine and crockery from damaging limescale deposits. Simply fill the water softener with reactivation salt and operate your machine as normal. Recommended as required.

Try our IntenseClean

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t get rid of stubborn soiling and unpleasant odours from our dishwashers. While some claim using vinegar can help in cleaning dishwashers, Miele does not recommend it.

Instead, our specially formulated IntenseClean removes even the most stubborn grease and bacteria and the odours they produce. You can order a 200g tub of  IntenseClean here.

Always use the proper amounts of detergent

Miele dishwashers with AutoDos dispense the correct amount of detergent completely automatically. If you are choosing to use tabs, you can rest assured that the Miele tabs have been specifically formulated for optimal use within our appliances.

Developed in-house in Miele laboratories and in cooperation with selected quality suppliers, our range of cleaning products have been created to provide you with superior results and appliance longevity. Be sure to visit our range of cleaning products specifically formulated for Miele dishwashers.

If you are still having trouble getting those dishes sparkling clean, please contact a Miele Customer Consultant on 1300 464 353.

Five tips to help you clean your Miele dishwasher
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Five tips to help you clean your Miele dishwasher
Keep your Miele dishwasher sparkling clean with these 5 easy tips!

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