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Miele Generation 7000: The kitchen of tomorrow that is here today. Elevate your entertaining with fascinating technology to create the ultimate experience, with exclusive innovations and award winning design producing an unmistakable aesthetic.

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Elevate your entertaining

You can expect perfect results every time with clever technology for a stress-free and flawless dinner party. Miele appliances are more intuitive and connected than ever before, with the free Miele@mobile app providing you with access to over 1,000 international recipes to impress your guests! Miele cooking appliances give you total control thanks to exclusive innovations including FoodView, TempControl and Mix & Match on select models.

Read below to find out more about Miele’s innovative technology, which sets new standards in a world of cooking without compromise.

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Intelligent assistance with Mix & Match

Use the Miele@mobile app to create healthy meals in under half an hour in your Combi Steam Oven. Simply place all of your ingredients inside the appliance at the same time, without having to worry about different cooking durations and temperatures. Once the selected programme is complete, the entire meal will be ready!

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Induction cooktop with Intelligent Pan Recognition

Position pans anywhere on the full-surface induction cooktop with Intelligent Pan Recognition. Providing the perfect unobstructed flow for aspiring home chefs, up to six pots and pans can be positioned anywhere on the cooktop and moved effortlessly across the entire surface. Intuitive controls and accompanying heat zones follow the movements of the pot or pan, with the induction heating rapidly while under the position they are placed thanks to Intelligent Pan Recognition technology.

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Oven responds on approach thanks to movement-sensing MotionReact

Introducing MotionReact. Thanks to motion detecting technology, our appliances can now react to people’s movements: oven lights and displays turn on and end-of-cycle signals automatically switch off when someone approaches.

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Never overcook again by maintaining perfect temperatures with TempControl

The new TempControl induction cooktops from Miele take the hassle out of cooking, making it more simple than ever before. This technology ensures the correct temperature is maintained at all times, with sensors embedded in the ceramic screen. TempControl can be used with any pots or pans suitable for induction cooking.

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Cook from your phone via an app-enabled in-oven camera with FoodView

Now it’s possible to check up on food anytime, anywhere thanks to the internal camera and the Miele@mobile app. Temperature and cooking time can even be adjusted from a tablet or a smart phone thanks to FoodView.

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