Experience More Freedom than Ever Before with Our New Induction Cooktop

Designed to ensure that nothing stands in the way of creativity in the kitchen, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest Generation 7000 appliance, the award-winning induction cooktop.

Featuring intuitive technology and a wide range of Miele exclusive features, the new induction cooktop allows for never-before-seen freedom when it comes to cooking.

Miele induction cooktop


A new level of effortlessness

Providing the perfect unobstructed flow for aspiring home chefs, up to six pots and pans can be positioned anywhere on the cooktop and moved effortlessly across the entire surface without any scraping or damage caused to the print thanks to Miele’s unique SilentMove feature.

Intuitive controls and accompanying heat zones follow the movements of the pot or pan, with the induction heating rapidly while using little electricity under the position they are placed thanks to Intelligent Pan Recognition technology. Miele’s SmartSelect power levels and times sit on the underside of the ceramic glass, creating an elegant and minimalist design that will suit any kitchen.


Ability to use Miele induction cooktop no matter where you place your cookware at


Available in three sizes, 60 cm-wide, 75 cm-wide and 90 cm-wide, this appliance is an entertainer’s dream, allowing you adequate space and the flexibility to cook with multiple pots and pans at the same time, perfect for juggling a variety of dishes for a large dinner party. It even allows for casserole dishes!

Miele’s Cooktop & Rangehood Product Manager, James Cameron explains how the induction cooktop provides the ultimate flexibility and flow in the kitchen.

“Like everything we create at Miele, the induction cooktop has been designed to eliminate any unnecessary cooktop steps and interruptions. The design ensures you can slide your pots and pans really easily across the surface and the intelligence of the appliance allows you to be extremely creative and deliver perfect cooking results every time,” said James.

“With induction, safety is a key theme where the areas surrounding the cooking zone stay cool when not in use, an element applauded by customers, particularly those who are parents. You have the freedom to choose which size works for you and with a standard depth of 52 centimetres, frameless cooktop models can also be effortlessly combined with units from the modular SmartLine range. A wok, teppanyaki grill and a downdraught extractor are ideal complementary products to create the perfect menu,” added James.

No matter the dish you are creating, you will never burn food again with Miele’s TempControl – ideal for those who are trying to multi-task or easily get distracted! This feature ensures the temperature of the pan is kept constant, ensuring each and every dish is cooked perfectly rather than overheating.

In addition to all of the above, the new induction cooktop is also connectivity-enabled, allowing you to stay focused whilst it automatically connects with your rangehood to respond to your cooking – lighting up your cooktop when you begin cooking, and adjusting the level of extraction so you can get back to cooking. Using WiFi, you are also able to connect to the Miele@mobile app to find more than 1,000 inspirational recipes that can be created using every Generation 7000 cooking appliance – including your induction cooktop!


Not only has the Induction Cooktop mastered a number of kitchen faux pas with intelligent features and programmes, its sleek design means it is a stylish fit for every kitchen.
These are just some of the many innovative features of the Induction Cooktop that will help you flow through the kitchen with freedom.

All new Miele induction cooktop

To learn more about the Inductive Cooktop, the Generation 7000 range and more, visit our website: www.miele.com.au/generation7000 or head to your local Miele Experience Centre: https://www.mieleexperience.com.au/.

You can also shop now at https://shop.miele.com.au/en/ or book into a Miele Kitchen Experience class here .

Experience More Freedom than Ever Before with Our New Induction Cooktop
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Experience More Freedom than Ever Before with Our New Induction Cooktop
Experience the ultimate freedom with the new Miele induction cooktop. Discover the Miele difference today.

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