Elevating everyday living through timeless design with architect Shaun Lockyer

Our goal, when you think of Miele, is that you think of precision, durability, sustainability, and elegance, with meticulously crafted appliances that integrate seamlessly into your home and into your life. As such, it’s no secret that we look for these same qualities in our partners, and award-winning architect Shaun Lockyer of SLa is no exception.

With a lifelong commitment to innovation, timeless design, and connection to the world around us, Shaun Lockyer is world-renowned for creating responsive, enduring homes that elevate daily living. Every curve, every contour, and every finish is chosen with purpose, creating an ambience of sophistication and luxury that transcends the ordinary.

Where functionality meets timeless design

For Shaun Lockyer, architecture is about transcending the basic principle of providing shelter. Each space has the opportunity to be imbued with a unique narrative and artisan craftsmanship, to bring together people and place in a seamless way. And it is this commitment to quality, detail, and collaboration that makes him a multi-award winning architect.

Residents do not just inhabit the spaces he creates; they experience an elevated everyday existence, surrounded by designs that cater not only to physical comfort but also nourish the soul, and reflect the best of human ingenuity and artistic expression.

“It’s about timeless design. It’s about elegance. It’s about sustainability, and it’s about equipment that suits beautifully in the background of the architecture and compliments it.” – Shaun Lockyer

The goal is to create an immersive journey where every detail is meticulously curated to elevate everyday living. And each luxury residential project is conceived through the lens of his clients’ aspirations and profoundly informed by the local context and climate it lies within.

“Our designs aspire to be enduring and timeless, retaining relevance in the architectural landscape and responding innately to our clients’ briefs. We favour natural, tactile and resilient materials, providing our clients with a considered canvas that can become embellished with their personality over time.” — Shaun Lockyer

Where sustainability meets substance

Miele has been driven by a desire to create smarter, more sustainable appliances that contribute to the longevity of homes from day one. Continuously working towards making sustainability a cornerstone of our products and services’ life cycle, value chains, and beyond — we also look for this same commitment in our partners.

At the intersection of innovation and tradition, architects are entrusted with the creation of spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enduring and respectful to the planet. This is “a privilege and a responsibility” that Shaun Lockyer and his team do not take lightly.

“One of the most sustainable ways we can do things is to do things of such a high quality and in such a resilient way that they last a lifetime. For us, Miele demonstrates that better than anybody; they will outlast almost anything.” — Shaun Lockyer

For Lockyer, Miele’s smart appliances enable him to create spaces filled with luxury and effortlessness. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the kitchen he designs.

The heart of the home

The way he sees the kitchen is as a home’s centre of gravity; the place where everything happens. As such, you want each appliance and design choice to contribute to an overall feeling of ease, comfort and reliability.

“When it comes to the kitchen, you’ve really got to get it right. Miele has always been an obvious choice. It’s always been something we’ve loved working with. And for me, it’s always been top to bottom Miele.” — Shaun Lockyer

Creating lines that are clean yet expressive, the materials are chosen for their enduring quality and beauty, and the spaces are configured to evoke a sense of harmony and balance.

Designed to make your home smarter and more intuitive, appliances like a Miele rangehood offer an uninterrupted and more creative kitchen experience. With smart Con@ctivity 3.0 features, this appliance allows you to concentrate fully on cooking while it responds automatically and intuitively. The extraction power is automatically adjusted to what is happening on the cooktop, ensuring a pleasant room climate at all times.

“For me, something that is invisible and makes your life more comfortable is what is ultimately the smartest thing you can have.” — Shaun Lockyer

In a world that’s constantly evolving, timeless design offers a sense of solace and luxury that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

Curious to learn more about Miele’s timeless innovations? Check out our inspiring video with Shaun Lockyer on smart appliances



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