Demystifying Tumble Dryers

It probably comes as little surprise, but we pride ourselves on considering every part of the home when innovating new products, so they suit you and your family’s needs, and become a seamless part of your lifestyle. Indeed, it is an integral part of our Immer Besser (Forever Better) philosophy. And that’s why we’re passionate about one room that often gets overlooked when it comes to the excitement of upgrading your home: the laundry.

At Miele, we are on a mission to revolutionise your laundry experience with next generation features that make doing the laundry easier than ever before and gentler on the environment. Most of us spend somewhere between 3-4 hours a week doing laundry, so it’s worth getting to know what a difference a dryer can make to your load.

Whether you’re in the market for a sleek new machine to fit into your modern home renovation or a reliable system for your family that gives perfect results every time, we have tumble dryers that tick all of the boxes.

How do heat pump tumble dryers work?

It’s impossible not to love that feeling of warm, fresh, clean clothes straight from the dryer. However, not many of us know how the beloved tumble dryer actually works. The simplest way to explain the process of turning your wet items into dry ones uses one simple word: evaporation.

Much like what happens if you combine a washing machine with a hairdryer, a tumble dryer rotates or spins wet laundry while blowing hot air through it. Powered by electricity, the drum begins to heat up, turning the water in your clothes into a vapour before using more electricity to have it ‘evaporate’.

Normally, the easiest way to get water to turn into a vapour is by heating it up with an element. But of course, we do things a little differently. Setting the world standards for highest quality and reliability, Miele’s tumble dryers all use heat pump technology do not use an element to heat the air and therefore, use half the energy of a conventional dryer. Instead, they use a sealed refrigeration system, similar to a fridge or reverse-cycle air-conditioner to heat the air that dries your garments.

Five things we love about Miele tumble dryers

1.      Superior performance

Delivering ultimate protection for your surrounding cabinets and furniture, our dryers do not add to your home’s humidity. Instead, a condenser inside the dryer cools and extracts moisture from the air during a cycle and either pumps it into a container you can remove and use to water your plants in the garden, or alternatively the water is plumbed down the drain. Thanks to its high performance heat pump technology, very little moisture is released into the room air.

2.     Better for your clothes

Our range of laundry appliances provide you with an added level of care to extend the life of your wardrobe, helping not only your finances but also the environment. Our unique Honeycomb drum takes the hassle out of waiting for your clothes to dry and provides gentle care of your garments with up to 22 drying programmes and a Pre-Ironing feature to minimise the need for ironing.

3.     More energy efficient than ever before

For many of our loyal customers, it’s imperative that water and energy consumption are as low and efficient as possible. That’s why Miele’s EcoDry technology has been specially designed for consistently low energy consumption and drying times.

Consisting of a perfectly tuned filtration system and maintenance-free heat exchanger, our dryers also come with a quiet and economic ProfiEco motor. Featuring efficient LED lighting to illuminate the dryer drum, these state-of-the-art EcoFeedback features for precise energy consumption data, make our tumble dryers smarter and more efficient than ever before. Miele’s TWF 720 WP 8kg heat pump tumble dryer is Australia most efficient 8kg 10 star tumble dryer. Combining style with the trusted Miele quality and reliability for premium garment care.

4.     PerfectDry for precise drying every time

In ordinary dryers, mineral content can affect the electrical conductivity of your clothes inside the machine, leaving them under-dried or still wet in some areas, and over-dried and damaged in others. Thanks to mineral sensors, Miele dryers take the mineral content of your water into account and modify the drying process accordingly, saving you time, energy and worry by doing the guesswork for you.

5.     Smelling good, feeling good

With Miele’s signature FragranceDos, you can create beautifully scented laundry Choose from your favourite scents – Nature, Aqua or Cocoon – and adjust the intensity of fragrance to a level that suits you. Created in cooperation with a family-owned business in Provence, France, to give our customers the ultimate user experience, FragranceDos are effective for 50 drying cycles and you can shop our range on the Miele website here.

Demystifying Tumble Dryers
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Demystifying Tumble Dryers
At Miele, we aim to revolutionise the way you do your laundry. Get to know our tumble dryers and discover the Miele difference.

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