Caring for Your Dishwasher: How to Clean and Maintain Your Appliance

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Miele dishwashers are known for their brilliant performance, sleek design and long lasting performance. As dishwashers are an investment for your home, you want it to last for many years to come. In this article, we will share our top tips and tricks on caring for your Miele dishwasher. Whether it’s eliminating odours or just general maintenance, we want to equip you with the knowledge to keep your Miele dishwasher performing at its best. 

What You Need to Clean the Inside of Your Miele Dishwasher

It’s essential to have the right cleaning products for your Miele dishwasher. Here’s a breakdown of our cleaning solutions that have been specially formulated for Miele dishwashers:

Miele DishClean: This powerful cleaning agent is your go-to choice for regular cleaning and maintenance. It tackles common issues like odours, limescale buildup, and light deposits. DishClean even cares for your dishwasher by maintaining the elasticity of door gaskets, guaranteeing a proper seal.

Miele IntenseClean: For tougher cleaning challenges involving stubborn grime or grease buildup, consider using Miele IntenseClean. This powerful product delivers exceptional results when tackling these occasional cleaning needs.

Miele Descaler: To ensure optimal performance and longevity, periodically use Miele Descaler. This specialised product gently removes limescale buildup from heating rods, drums, and other internal components.

Here’s another important note: Avoid using bleach-based cleaning products, especially for the interior of your dishwasher. Bleach can be corrosive to stainless steel, a common material in Miele dishwashers. Using bleach can break down and weaken the stainless steel, leading to premature wear and tear. 

How to Clean the Miele Dishwasher Filter

If you’ve ever noticed an unpleasant smell coming from your dishwasher, chances are that it could be the dishwasher filter. The dishwasher filter not only allows you to skip pre-rinsing your dishes, but it also filters the water and collects food particles as the machine washes. It also prevents significant obstructions, which can lead to leaks and pump failure. Over time, food can build up in the filter, resulting in foul odours. Plus, your dishes may come out less clean than normal. 

To locate the filter in your dishwasher, it’s best to check the manual. However, it is typically located below the propeller. Once removed, wash with warm soapy water. Let it air dry and then you can place it back into the dishwasher. To ensure your dishes come out sparkling clean, the filter should be cleaned every week. 

How to Clean the Miele Dishwasher Spray Arms

The dishwasher spray arms are essential in distributing water throughout the machine during a cycle. These arms are located at the top and bottom of your Miele dishwasher. They should be cleaned from time to time, as food residue and grease can build up and cause blockages. 

To remove the spray arms, refer to the instructions in the user manual. Similar to the dishwasher filter, you can use warm soapy water to clean the spray arms. While you’re at it, you may also want to check the spray arms for any minor obstructions, such as fruit pits or food particles, that might have lodged within the nozzles. A simple yet effective technique is to gently run water through the inlet of each arm. If the water flows freely, the spray arm is clear. However, if a blockage is present, a pointed utensil, like a toothpick, can be used for careful removal. Finally, replace the arms. 

Can Vinegar be Used to Clean Your Miele Dishwasher?

Keeping your Miele dishwasher in top condition is essential for maintaining its performance and longevity. Certain cleaning methods, like using vinegar, can be detrimental. Using an acidic substance such as vinegar can lead to rust and leaks in your Miele dishwasher and is not recommended. 

Cleaning the Outside of Your Miele Dishwasher

Over time, the exterior of your Miele dishwasher may become grimy from fingerprints. To bring life back into your dishwasher, use water and the Miele multipurpose microfiber cloth to wipe it clean. Avoid abrasive cleaners and pads that can cause damage to the appliance. Always clean and wipe stainless steel in the direction of the metal’s grain to avoid streaks.

Beyond Clean Dishes: Explore More at Miele Experience Centres

Built with high-quality materials, Miele dishwashers are engineered to provide exceptional cleaning performance for many years to come. Should you have any questions about your Miele dishwasher, Visit your nearest Miele Experience Centre to learn more about dishwasher care or explore the full range of innovative Miele appliances.

Caring for Your Dishwasher: How to Clean and Maintain Your Appliance
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Caring for Your Dishwasher: How to Clean and Maintain Your Appliance
Unlock the full potential of your Miele dishwasher. Learn how to maintain your Miele for sparkling clean dishes, troubleshoot common issues, and extend its lifespan.

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