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“How can I make sure that our clothes, towels and bed linen are really clean?”

In any washing machine, there is a combination of four factors which will need to work together in the correct way to provide the best possible result: mechanical action, chemical action, temperature and time.

Mechanical action
In front loading washing machines, this is achieved by the rotation of the inner drum. All Miele washing machines have stainless steel drums with a unique Honeycomb structure, which creates a thin film of water to protect even the most delicate textiles. During the wash, the drum ribs will gently lift the clothes up before releasing them back into the water. The programme selection will determine the drum rotation rhythm and speed, as well as the water level inside the drum, to provide the most appropriate mechanical action for the different types of fabrics, ranging from robust textiles such as heavily soiled tradies work gear right through to the most delicate hand-washable woollens and silk.

Chemical action
The right choice of detergent is absolutely critical in order to achieve the best possible wash result. Miele offers a wide range of detergents which have been specifically developed and formulated for the sole purpose of providing optimum cleaning results in combination with a Miele washing machine. The range includes conventional powders and liquids, special detergents for woollens, down items, sportswear and dark textiles, as well as Miele’s intelligent and unique TwinDos system, where the machine will automatically dispense the correct amount of detergent for each and every individual load. Compared to manual dispensing, Miele TwinDos has been certified that it can save up to 30% detergent.

Miele honeycomb drum

If you are really concerned about optimum hygiene for your laundry, do not always wash in cold water!
Whilst a cold water wash may indeed save some energy, there are very good reasons why Miele and many other brands provide a choice of wash temperatures up to 90°C. Some detergent ingredients such as enzymes rely on the appropriate temperature development during the wash to become really effective. In conjunction with the “AllergoWash” function, Miele’s TwinDos system has been found to be effective at removing up to 99.99% of bacteria even at wash temperatures as low as 40°C. However, when it comes to the deactivation of viruses, Miele would recommend a wash temperatures of 60°C would be required, in conjunction with a bleach-containing heavy-duty high performance detergent such as the Miele TwinDos system. And many parents who choose to use traditional fabric diapers instead of disposable nappies for their young ones may well be surprised to learn about experience the effectiveness of Miele’s 90°C Cottons programme.

Miele TwinDos program for clean laundry

Miele is conscious of the fact that for many people, time is our most precious resource and offers a range of programmes which have been specifically designed to save just that. Examples include the “Express 20” programme which is perfect for treating very lightly soiled garments, or the “QuickPowerWash”, which will thoroughly clean a mid-sized, moderately soiled load in under an hour. On the other end of the scale, there are special programmes for more complex applications, which provide longer process times to achieve the desired results. One such example is Miele’s “Cottons Hygiene” programme, which not only operates at higher wash temperatures, but also includes an extended temperature holding time to ensure that special hygiene requirements will be met.

With the appropriate choice of wash programmes, combined with Miele’s own range of detergents, you will be able to achieve an outstanding level of hygiene and safety in your laundry, for complete peace of mind.

Ask the Experts - Cleanliness
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Ask the Experts - Cleanliness
Nothing beats the feeling of fresh and clean laundry. Find out how to get the most out of your Miele laundry appliances from our experts.

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