Steamed banana pudding, caramel sauce
30 mini puddings or 10 large puddings


375 g caster sugar
375 g unsalted butter
240 g sefl-raising flour
12 bananas
6 eggs
½ tablespoon baking powder
120 g brown sugar
120 g butter
100 ml cream
2 tablespoons brandy or brown rum


  1. Roast 10 bananas in their skins in the oven at 180° until the flesh is tender, this will take approximately 10 minutes for the skins to become really black. Scrape out flesh and mash together in a bowl with a fork and any juices from the tray.
  2. Place sugar and soft butter in mixer and beat until butter is pale and sugar as dissolved. Add the eggs, one at a time, mixing on medium speed.
  3. Next add the flour, baking powder and banana. Mix through careful not to work the flour too much.
  4. Spread some butter lightly in the pudding moulds and sprinkle with sugar. Small timbal moulds are good or tea cups work well.
  5. Spoon mix into moulds about ¾ full. Place in oven tray and steam for 12 – 15 minutes at 100°.
  6. Place brown sugar and butter in a small pan and stir over low heat until sugar is dissolved, add cream and stir until bubbling. Slice remaining 2 bananas, stir through brandy or rum and chopped banana into the caramel sauce.
  7. Turn out puddings, pour over caramel sauce and sliced banana. Serve


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