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Advanced cooking results with Moisture Plus

Enjoy optimal results when baking and roasting with our exclusive Moisture Plus function. Meat is tender and succulent inside with a delicious crust on the outside, while bread and rolls are soft yet perfectly browned. For extra convenience, you can even programme times for the bursts of steam, giving you the freedom of stepping away from the kitchen.

Culinary success with Automatic programmes

Manually entering temperature and cooking duration is a thing of the past. With our electronically controlled programmes, different types of food can be cooked to perfection without you having to monitor the process. Guaranteeing successful cooking, everytime.

Enjoy the convenience of automatic dispensing with TwinDos

Perfect results – all at the touch of a button! TwinDos ensures the perfect amount of detergent is used, with the added convenience of not having to fill the detergent dispenser before each wash. Verified as the best liquid detergent system on the market, it delivered vibrant colours and brilliant whites, whilst reducing detergent by 30% due to its precision dispensing.

Save time with QuickPowerWash

Designed with busy households in mind, the QuickPowerWash programme will deliver outstanding wash results in just 49 minutes. Suitable for up to 4 kg of cotton garments and with temperature options of both 40°C and 60°C for flexible and fast washing.

Precise drying thanks to mineral sensors

Did you know that depending on your location, water quality can vary quite significantly? Miele’s Perfect Dry takes the mineral content of your water into account and adjusts the drying process automatically so your clothes will never be over or under dried.

Australia's most efficient 10 star dryer*

With sustainability being a core value for us at Miele, it comes as no surprise that we choose to use efficient, heat pump technology across our entire assortment of tumble dryers. What’s more, we proudly offer Australia’s most efficient 8 kg* dryer, TWF 720 WP so you can rest assured that your energy consumption will be kept to a minimum.

*energyrating.gov.au as at 11th May, 2020


Wash and dry in a single appliance

Washing and drying in a single appliance. Miele’s washer dryers are often selected as a convenient and space-saving solution but they are also perfect for a mud room. Equipped with our iconic technologies such as TwinDos, PowerWash and SteamCare to save you time in the laundry.

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