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Washing Machines - Never guess detergent amounts again.
Experience exceptional quality by investing in a Miele washing machine. German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ average usage, Miele’s range of washing machines are efficient, sustainable and offer unparalleled user-convenience. Highlights include the exclusive Miele Honeycomb Drum for the gentlest of garment care and the intuitive Stains programme, which can treat up to 22 different types of stains, targeting 3 simultaneously (including stubborn grass, lipstick and red wine in the one wash!)
Tumble Dryers - Never settle for imperfect drying again.
Did you know that Miele's energy efficient heat-pump tumble dryers use up to 50% less energy than conventional condenser dryers, and boast up to an 10-star energy efficiency rating? This Heat Pump technology ensures your dryer doesn’t add to your home’s humidity, with a condenser inside the tumble dryer which cools and extracts moisture from the air during each cycle. Miele’s range of tumble dryers also offer a wide variety of sensor-controlled and timed drying programmes with multiple drying levels, which cater to various types of fabrics.
Never settle for an unprofessional finish again.
The FashionMaster gives you all the tools you need to professionally finish off home laundering even your most treasured garments. A complete ironing system for every possible scenario, it quickly deals with tough fabrics such as jeans and won’t leave even a hint of a shiny mark on black trousers, while giving you the absolute assurance to safely steam press, or quickly touch up silks, cashmere, fine wool, applique... even your most treasured evening dress!
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