Miele makes it easy

Have more time to go about your dynamic lifestyle with our premium built-in features designed to make your life easier. With high-end craftsmanship and attention to every last detail, our cooking, refrigeration laundry and floorcare appliances are equipped with comfort features you never knew you needed. Discover more about these meaningful innovations below.

FlexiClip for customised shelf levels

Our fully flexible telescopic runners can be positioned on any shelf level for customised use. These handy accessories come complementary with all Miele ovens and allow you to conveniently access your oven tray for safe and easy handling, such as when you need to turn your roast vegetables, for example.


Preserve vitamins with DualSteam

Preserving important vitamins and minerals when steam cooking is easy thanks to Miele’s DualSteam technology. A powerful 3.3 kW external steam generator creates steam quickly and then injects it into the cavity at high pressure. The result – perfectly even distribution of steam for uniform cooking results.

Short heat up times with TwinBooster

You may not know that induction cooking is the fastest, safest and most responsive way of cooking. Benefit from extremely short heat up times with Miele’s powerful 3.7 kW TwinBooster which canboil 2 l of water in only 4 minutes!

Even and consistent temperatures with DynaCool

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of positioning your food on whichever shelf you like thanks to our DynaCool technology. The even and consistent temperature means storing your fresh produce has never been easier.




Protect flavour and nutrients with SuperFreeze

Protect the vitamins, nutrients and flavour of your produce with our SuperFreeze feature. Ideal for when freezing more than 2kg of food, the temperature will drop to -32°C to snap-freeze produce. This prevents large ice crystals from forming and minimises moisture loss when thawing.



Reduce waste with PerfectFresh Pro

Do you find yourself throwing out food that has spoiled too quickly? One of the best ways to reduce waste is to store your food correctly. Our PerfectFresh Pro drawers provide the ideal micro-climate so your food lasts up to five times longer!


The perfect handstick vacuum for uninterrupted cleaning

Our TriFlex HX1’s innovative 3-in-1 design means you can conveniently adapt the cordless handstick to perfectly suit the task at hand. The powerful Li-ion battery means you can vacuum for longer with up to 2 hours of uninterrupted cleaning. Our HEPA filtration ensures the vacuumed air is cleaner than the ambient air within the home.


Perfect laundry care with the honeycomb drum

The Miele honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry. This results in laundry gliding gently and protects the fibres perfectly. The smaller, smoothly polished holes in the walls of the drum are also gentle on your textiles and prevent pilling and laddering. Foreign objects such as paper clips no longer end up in the drain pump thanks to this convenient design.


Intelligent and economical washing with Auto load recognition

Whether you are washing small or large loads, Miele has you covered. Intelligent automatic load recognition, something which is found across our entire washing machine range, will conveniently sense the load size and adjust the amount of water and electricity needed for perfect cleaning and rinsing results. Fully automatically.


Efficient drying with EcoDry

Miele EcoDry technology ensures long-term low energy consumption and short drying times. Consisting of a perfectly tuned filtration system and a maintenance-free heat exchanger, this system ensures fluff does not settle and build up on the heat exchanger, preventing longer running times and higher running costs. You can rest assured that Miele’s heat-pump dryers work economically.


Need assistance with choosing the right appliance?

Miele wants to make sure you choose the right appliance to fit into your lifestyle. We offer complimentary appliance demonstrations run by Miele culinary experts, have appliance retail partners who have extensive Miele knowledge as well as online videos.

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If you are looking to learn more about our appliances, our demonstration videos is the perfect place to start. Our Culinary Expert, Loughlin will step you through the key advantages of our built-in cooking range so you feel more informed about what is the best choice for you.

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