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We are extremely excited to announce that this September we will be introducing a Miele first for all of our dedicated customers. For the entire month, we will be offering a complete 10-year warranty alongside any built-in cooking, refrigeration, dishwashing and laundry appliance purchased*!

This offer gives you peace of mind that by purchasing a Miele appliance, you have invested in quality that is truly built to last.

We are tremendously proud of our 120-year history and are no stranger to world-firsts, having invented Europe’s first electrically driven domestic dishwasher in 1929 and the first fully automatic washing machine and tumble dryer in 1958, among many others. Since 1899, we have remained true to our guiding principle ‘Immer Besser – Forever Better’, striving to build appliances that are not only high performing but can stand the test of time.


Elite craftsmanship and elegant design lines

For over 120 years we have been offering our customers appliances that suit their everyday homes and needs. Nothing is more important to us than providing our customers with an appliance that they are able to keep and enjoy for a long period of time, which is why all of our products are put through rigorous testing. We want to give you the confidence that your appliance will remain a much-loved feature of your household for many years to come.

We combine vision, precision and careful attention to detail when developing each new appliance. Our team focus closely on manufacturing products to the highest standard with each appliance subject to stringent quality controls, including individual surface tests.

From handles milled from a single piece of metal, to matching gap dimensions across all product groups, each element is part of a journey to ensure the appliance you receive is perfect.


Our design lines are inspired by this quote from Oscar Wilde who said, ‘I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best’. Each and every one of our new appliances are based on this principle, with award-winning, clean design lines and no distracting features.

When you are choosing a Miele, you are opting for timeless elegance and intuitive operation, from the kitchen to the laundry. Whether it is a conventional rotary switch, discreet sensor controls or a high-resolution touch display, we want to make sure that operating a Miele is easy, seamless, creative and fun!

We are constantly evolving and innovating our range to offer fully coordinated design lines and colour options to suit any home.


Sustainable design that is built to last

Since 1899, sustainability has been at the forefront of our design process, with innovations and advancements implemented with the environment and our customers in mind. Better yet, many of our market leading and Miele exclusive innovations are ahead of the curve, so you can trust our appliances to stay relevant for years to come.

Much like the concept of slow fashion, where people are buying higher-quality clothing that lasts longer or is produced in a more sustainable way, we work to ensure our products last longer. With millions of satisfied customers in over 50 countries across the globe, it’s not uncommon for us to hear of appliances that have been supporting one household’s needs for multiple decades.

Here is Peter’s story:

Peter Romer received his Miele washing machine from his parents when he moved out of home at age 18. Purchased in 1968, the appliance has since been passed down through multiple generations and has travelled across three countries. “I hope it goes for another 50 odd years – I don’t think it’s going to stop really!” said Peter. Read more about Peter’s story here.

We are with you every step of the way

Our customer service doesn’t start and stop on the shop floor. When you purchase a Miele appliance, you are supported throughout the entire process.

From complimentary appliance demonstrations to assist you in identifying the right product to suit your lifestyle, to specialist Miele service technicians and a dedicated Customer Contact Centre based in Australia, support is just a phone call away.

We provide a 24/7 Live Chat service to answer your queries online, along with a library of inspirational recipes and videos to assist you in mastering your appliance.

Once you’ve purchased a Miele appliance you also receive a free membership to Miele for Life. This exclusive support network is completely unique to Miele and also gives you access to a range of benefits including exclusive offers on Miele products and special promotions from our partners; Riedel, Georg Jensen, Hugo Boss, Five Senses Coffee and Koko Black – just to name a few.

In addition, as a member, you also receive invitations to VIP events and access to the website; the home of intriguing articles, delicious recipes, inspiring videos and more to enhance your lifestyle.

Now, with the launch of our 10-year warranty, you can have complete confidence that your Miele appliance will be able to support you and your home for years to come.

To learn more about our 10-year warranty offer visit:

10-year warranty offer effective 1 – 30 September 2020.
*Includes all built-in cooking, refrigeration, dishwashing and laundry appliances. Exclusions and Terms and Conditions apply. See