The brilliance of induction

‘I really do believe that tiny changes can have a profound impact on your life.’ Beginning her journey by growing a few herbs on her apartment balcony, Palisa immersed herself into growing authentic Thai ingredients she couldn’t find at the local grocer. It is this passion for adaptation and learning that made the transition to farm life such an easy one, and likewise the switch to induction a natural choice for Palisa.


Green vegetables being stir-fried in a wok on a Miele induction cooktop

Why Palisa loves induction

‘Because induction is the cleanest, most efficient way to cook, I know I’m doing my bit to pass this magnificent environment onto future generations.’ A firm believer that small changes can make a significant impact, Palisa loves induction because it is the more sustainable choice. And there are no cooking limitations, from high intensity wok cooking through to extremely low and gentle temperature control, Miele induction cooktops provide all the flexibility Palisa needs out of a cooktop.

Stir-fry Asian greens with Palisa’s universal stir-fry sauce

Stir-fry Asian greens with Palisa’s universal stir-fry sauce

Forever embracing a sustainable mindset, Palisa utilises whatever greens are in season and growing in abundance for this recipe, experimenting with the flowering tips from pumpkins and incorporating the most tender stalks, leaves and shoots.

A handful of garlic cloves

Eat better tip - garlic

This household staple has some profound health benefits. Shown to reduce the severity of symptoms in illnesses such as the common cold, garlic has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. Garlic is also high in nutrients and vitamin C and B6, which is important for mood and overall brain health.

The beauty of steam

‘When we became land stewards nine years ago, we threw ourselves into regeneration and rewilding.’

Deeply immersed in the growing of organic produce and land regeneration, Palisa’s commitment to bringing out the best in nature is truly inspiring. These days, Boon Luck Farm is a mini eco-system that’s bursting with abundance. Here Palisa grows rare and exotic citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, herbs, garlic and aromatics which are known for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Treating food as preventative medicine, watch as Palisa preserves the nutritional value of her delicious produce with her Miele steam oven.

Palisa opening the Miele steam oven door

Why Palisa loves steam

‘I adore cooking with steam, it’s a really respectful way to treat our ingredients.’ Retaining up to 50% more vitamins than conventional cooking methods, Palisa loves this gentle approach to cuisine which envelops her food in moisture – preserving the colour, texture and intense natural flavour of the produce she has worked so hard to grow and harvest.

Palisa's Thai style chicken and rice

Thai style chicken and rice

A sophisticated approach to the much loved Thai street food classic, Palisa’s succulent steamed chicken is perfectly paired with a fiery khao mun gai sauce, a warm bed of rice that has been cooked in fragrant broth, and cucumber slices on the side.

Galangal being harvested

Eat better tip - galangal

Used in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine for centuries to support immunity, galangal is a rich source of antioxidants. From the same family as turmeric and ginger, this fragrant spice packs a flavoursome punch and works well in Thai dishes such as soups and curries – yum!

Palisa pulling out a dish from a Miele steam oven

Discover the benefits of steam

Throughout this class, our Culinary Experts will provide a comprehensive overview of our steam oven range including ovens with Moisture Plus, solo steam ovens, combi steam ovens, combi steam Pro ovens and steam ovens with microwave. You will also have all your steam questions answered and receive support in choosing the right appliance for your needs, all whilst sampling delicious seasonal dishes – straight from our Miele steam ovens!

Regenerate and re-wild: cooking seasonally with Palisa

Utilising seasonal ingredients delivers a multitude of benefits from health to the hip pocket. Continue reading to learn how to combine the art of seasonal cooking with the wonders of Miele steam appliances, unlocking a world of flavours, nutrition, and sheer delight in your kitchen.

Pandan leaves tied in a knot and used as aromatics in Palisa's dish

Miele accessories

Get the most out of your Miele appliance with special accessories designed to elevate your cooking experience. Featured throughout the ‘Eat better, tread lighter’ series, Palisa uses the induction wok, cookware set and deep solid steam container.

Sustainable Production Award

At Miele, our sustainable values inform everything we do as a brand, which is why we set out with the ambition of making ‘Eat better, tread lighter’ a completely sustainable production. We are humbled to have been awarded for the second time, the prestigious ‘Gold Green Seal’ certification by the Environmental Media Association (EMA) for this project. Immer Besser.

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