Miele makes Christmas easy

Let us help you plan your Christmas menu! We’ve curated our favourite Christmas recipes to make entertaining easy this festive season!

Christmas Inspirations

Christmas has always been a time of food-filled get-togethers, but this year we are looking forward to reconnecting over great food more than ever. Which is why Miele is here to make sure you host a Christmas gathering to remember. With easy-to-follow recipes using seasonal ingredients, Miele are the masters of invention – ready to help you make Christmas memorable for all the right reasons.

Panettone French toast with grilled peaches

Panettone French toast with grilled peaches is the ultimate dish to transform the humble Panettone! Watch as our culinary experts show you our recipe for a special Christmas or Boxing day breakfast.

Glazed ham

Today we are showing you how to create the traditional Christmas centrepiece – glazed ham! Watch how simple it is to glaze the ham yourself.

Cherry galette

Cherries are synonymous with this time of the year. Watch and learn as our culinary experts show you how to create this rustic and flavoursome dessert – a cherry galette!

Mussels with bacon, cider and fine herbs

As a sustainable seafood choice, you can’t go past mussels. This delicious recipe of mussels with bacon, cider and herbs is sure to become a staple on your Christmas menu!

Broccolini with parmesan, almonds and pomegranate

Retain vitamins, minerals, nutrients and flavour by cooking with a Miele steam oven. This recipe showcases steamed broccolini with parmesan, almonds and pomegranate.

Salmon with orange mustard glaze

With fresh, summer flavours, this salmon with orange mustard glaze is sure to be a crowd-favourite.

Hasselback potatoes with sage and garlic

It wouldn’t be Christmas without crispy potatoes! Hasselback potatoes are easier than you think -watch this video to learn some handy hints and tips for the best results.

Roast pork loin with apple sauce

If you’re including a roast pork with apple sauce on your menu this year, be sure to watch this video, to learn how to achieve perfect results in your Miele oven.

Zucchini, turmeric and chickpea salad

This fresh and vibrant salad is a great addition to any Christmas menu! Watch this video to see how easy this salad is to prepare

Traditional gravy

You’ll never purchase gravy again, once you taste the difference of gravy made from scratch!

Roast turkey

Miele makes roast turkey easy with the revolutionary combi steam oven.

Traditional pavlova

Join our Miele Culinary Experts in this video to learn how to perfect the traditional pavolva recipe!

Christmas pudding

Our Miele Culinary Experts are getting into the Christmas spirit! Traditionally Christmas puddings are made four to five weeks before Christmas.

Christmas cake

For those of you who prefer Christmas cake, our culinary experts have also shared their hints and tips to help you perfect his traditional Christmas cake recipe!

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